Castle Morpeth Bridge Club
Registered Charity No. 1203651



At the start of play:


Turn on by pressing OK     If the Director has not activated the system you will get the message SYSTEM NOT ACTIVATED YET     Once activated you will see SECTION A on the screen      Press OK to confirm 


Enter your Table No. and press OK     You will see TABLE A (number)     Press OK or CANCEL if incorrect


ENTER PLAYER numbers, pressing OK each time     If a visitor has no number call the Director


The screen will now show Round number, pair numbers and Boards to play    Press OK


The screen will show names – this gives North the opportunity to greet players by name and check correct players have arrived - press OK


Now the Board number appears – press OK  (if you cancel by mistake, reinstate it)  and Bidding commences


After bidding is complete:  enter the Contract details and by whom & press OK

              if board is passed out use K (pass) key


After hand is played:  enter no of tricks made, press OK


After a pause the result is shown for VERIFICATION BY East or West


Press the ACCEPT button under screen to see results (cancel if not correct and change)


Screen message ENTRY COMPLETE shows and gives N/S & E/W percentages.    Press OK to view previous results


Press OK to go to the next screen and repeat


At the end of the evening:  a button appears under the screen to check your ranking



Common errors:


  • pressing keys too quickly (there is a slight delay)

  • not noticing arrow switches (look at the details before play starts)

  • accepting incorrect results (call the Director)



    Please Note: Liquids and Bridgmates don’t mix – NO DRINKS ON TABLES