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SGM 7th Jul 2009

Castle Morpeth Bridge Club


Minutes of Special General Meeting

Story Park Community Centre  Tuesday 7th July 2009


Those attending:  Laurie Monkhouse, Sonia Ashurst, Noel Bailey, Jean Bailey, Janet Springett. Derek Mansfield, Ian Hudson, Sheena Hudson, Joyce Liddell, Jo Lormor, Ann Hauxwell, Ann Hopper, Dorothy Craig, Mike Craig, Betty Mathewson, Anne Bell, Eric Bell, Janet Angel, Freda Simpkin, Alfred Scott, Dorothy Dearing, Alan Dearing, Colin Mc Neill, Jean Hicks, Gary Mathews, Malcolm Hargreaves, Trevor Stone, Margaret Sewell, Liz Gray, Joan McKay, Vivien Bennet, Shiela Thompson, Betty Hutton, Norman Henry, Neil Oliver, Cyril Meehan, Susan Dodds, Hetty Jackson.



Jill chaired the meeting and she said that The Ebu plan to commence their P2Play scheme April 2010.  The affiliation agreement is due to the EBU by the end of July 2009 and so we need to decide therefore whether the club is to remain affiliated or not.  Currently our Constitution includes this affiliation.

Your committee supports affiliation of P2Play at this time and so the motion before you is: that CMBC wish to apply for affiliation to the EBU with effect from 1 April 2010.

After your comments a vote will be taken by show of hands to which the proxy votes will be added.  Are there any comments?


Ann Hauxwell: did the managers realise how much work was involved

Jill Harrison replied in the affirmative: We will need one other scorer at least

Ann Hauxwell: I will offer to tutor a scorer

J Spingett: Did people realise that we would miss Summer Pairs and four competitions amongst other things and that there would be no way of complaining.


The vote was then taken by show of hands and the proxy votes were added.  Voting:  For the motion - 52   Against the motion - 1


The motion was therefore carried.