Castle Morpeth Bridge Club
Registered Charity No. 1203651
AGM Minutes 20.05.14





Held at Storey Park Community Centre, Morpeth

6.45 pm on Tuesday 20th May 2014


In attendance:  Janet Angel, Jean Armstrong, Bill Aynsley, Anne Bell, Eric Bell, Dan Benison, Pauline Boardman, Kenneth Bodenham, Pauline Chapelhow      , Anne Coates, Mike Craig (Chair), Dorothy Craig, Judy Creswick, Audrey Croft, Aileen Cunningham, Margery Dodds, Ian Eckford, Ann Elliot, Angela England, Stella Findlay, Liz Gray, Ray Green, David Gunn, Keith Harbour, Helen Hardy, Malcolm Hargreaves, Anne Hauxwell, Simon Hedley, Norman Henry, Jim Hodgson, Anne Hogg, Ann Hopper, Hetty Jackson, Tessa Lee, Tom Liddell, John Lindley, Jo Lormor, Peter Marshall, Garry Matthews, Betty Matthewson, Tony McCabe, Cyril Meehan, Nicki Morters, Brenda Mueller, Betty Newton, Ann Noble, Jonathan Noble, Fin O'driscoll, Hazel Ord, Brenda Osborne, Barbara Park, Vincent Price, Helen Sadler, Alfred Scott, Margaret Sewell, Freda Simpkin (Treasurer), Charlie Singh, Margaret Spencer, Janet Springett, Frank Springett, Mike Stanbury, Mark Stanners, Chris Stenning, Trevor Stone, Barbara Thompson, Monica Tuke, Susan Turner, Ann Wake, Marjorie Waugh, Ken Waugh, Ken Wharrier, Bob Williamson, John Wiltshire, Sandra Young, Ian Hudson, Sheena Hudson (Secretary)


Apologies received from:  Syd Hetherington, Laurie Monkhouse, Sonia Ashurst, Carole Walton, Sheila Parker, Joyce Liddell, Margaret Fenwick, Peter Dodds


Minutes of Meeting held 21st May 2013:  The minutes were adopted as a true record.  Proposed by David Gunn, seconded by Judy Creswick.


Matters arising:  There were no matters arising.


Chairman’s report:  The club has had a good year, membership is currently117 which is about the maximum we have had over the last three years.  There is always a turnover of members each year but it is noticeable that recently we have had fewer newcomers joining and more players with previous experience are coming into the club.

Whilst this is good in that it provides an opportunity for competitive bridge we must take care to retain our friendly reputation and a warm welcome for students when they make their first step of moving from teaching classes into a club.

We have also noticed that as the experience of the club as a whole has improved and players progress up in Master Point ranks, the Club Stratification Levels that we set when we first started this method of scoring in 2011 are no longer valid.

Players are becoming bunched in the A & B levels.  As the point of stratified scoring is to make it easier for lower ranked players to win Master Points we are adjusting the levels to spread them more equally over the membership.

There may be some members who are upset that their level has, for example, gone back from a B to a C; but their Master Points ranking does not change and in fact will make it easier for them to gain Master Points.

The change will not take place until next week and there is a list on the notice board showing the effect of the changes.

We hold our Charity evening on 5th August and we would welcome any suggestions from members. Please let a Committee Member know if you have a favourite charity you would like to support.

Our Christmas Party will be on 16th December and we have rebooked the same caterer for this year.

We are very fortunate as a club to have many people who help us week after week to ensure that your club runs smoothly.  We should especially thank Freda who liaises with Norman Gray to make sure we always have the right boards each week.  We should thank our directors, our scorers, Frank Springett for burning the midnight oil to give us his Hand of the Week and finally all the Committee members for their work behind the scenes.



Treasurer’s report and election of Auditor: Freda gave an update on the finances of the club.  Whilst the club has made a small loss this year we are still happy with the current state of the finances and there will be no increase to the table money for 2014/2015. 

The accounts were adopted and Norman Gray re-elected as auditor for the forthcoming year.  Proposed by Bill Aynsley and seconded by Jo Lormor.


Election of Committee Members:  All present current Committee members were re-elected.


Inter-Club Teams: Ian Eckford said he had received a very good response to his email asking for volunteers to make up a second inter-club team for Castle Morpeth.  He now has 26 positive replies and as from 2014 Castle Morpeth will now have two teams in this competition.  Freda will remain Captain for both teams.


Presentation of Trophies:  Mike Craig presented the following trophies:


Club Championship Pairs              Monica Tuke & Kenneth Bodenham

Club Handicap Pairs                      Barbara Thompson & Trevor Stone

Club Mixed Pairs                                      Barbara Thompson & Trevor Stone

Club Ladies Pairs                           Janet Springett & Brenda Osborne

Club Mens Pairs                             Stephen Reay & Ian Eckford

Individual Club Shield                    Janet Springett

Slam Champion                              Janet Springett

Most Improved Newcomers                    Tim & Sylvia Capron


Any other business:  Bill Aynsley thanked the Committee for all their work and efficiency in running the club over the previous year.


As there was no further business the meeting was closed at 7.05pm.