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BBO Hristos notes
Hristo's guide to BBO

I don't mind to run one tournament per day for the members of the clubs in the North East. These clubs are:



Castle Morpeth,


Whitley Bay

I assume the same people are members of all of these clubs. For online bridge the best and free option is BBO (Bridge Base Online) where I got TD rights since 2007. What every member should do:

1. Log in BBO  - so the web address is  Once you click on the link above, you must create your own profile.At the top right corner you got a button in red - Login/Register. Those who had created their nicks already, simpy login, those who haven't done that yet, choose Register.

2. The MINIMUM requirements to set up a profile on BBO is:

 - valid email address;

 - nickname - must be unique. Can be a word, name, numbers, any combination above. For instance, my nickname is coffee3. 

 - password.

You always log in BBO using your NICKNAME and PASSWORD.

3. You can choose to play on a computer/laptop in your web browser. My recommendations are Chrome or Mozilla. You can also play BBO on your mobile, but you have to install BBO app first.

4. For me, to run a tournament only for members, I must create a list of your nicknames, which means that I have to know in advance and add whoever Cramlington's bridge club member wants to play and before the tournament. There are plenty of tournament formats which I can set up as well as the number of the boards you wish to play. From my experience tournaments longer than 16 boards online are not quite worth it, people don't like it. I can either run 2 or 3 boards per rounds, in case you want to play 24 boards rather than 12 rounds. Also there are different movements here - Clocked, Unclocked, Swiss, IMPs, MPs...I would suggest at the start 12 boards per tournament, as it won't take longer than 80 min. Also is important which time you prefer - 5 pm, 6 or 6.30, 7....Some of you may choose to play on the EBU tournaments which costs 1BB$ (11 pounds for 10 BB$ and you have to purchase them with your Credit card).