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Morpeth Virtual EBU - Mondays 6.45pm
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Castle Morpeth Virtual EBU - Tuesdays 6.30pm
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EBU tournaments
12 board events are held every day at 2pm. 3.30pm, 7.30pm & 9pm at a cost of $2 payable on BBO.   The EBU have started a daily relaxed 9-high (NGS rating) 12 board game at 11am click here for details
 "Clues from the bidding" a daily problem hand with the solution provided the next day from Frank

We meet every Tuesday at Storey Park Community Centre, Morpeth

and play duplicate pre-dealt hands with stratified scoring. Please be seated by 6.50pm

to allow time for Bridgemates to be set up and commence play at 7pm

We are a friendly "NO FEAR" club and welcome newcomers

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Analysis for 8th July 2021:

      When the opposition bid on minimal values at the two level vulnerable you can bet your bottom dollar that they have a lot of shape.      On the bidding West has at least five spades and five hearts and has led a club suggesting at least one trump and two if the hape is 5-5-2-1 as the lead is an obvious singleton.       If West has the DA, East may be able to win the first heart and receive a club ruff in return.       If East has DA a club ruff and HA will defeat your contract but the bidding suggests that East holds a heart high honout as West would have probably led a heart from HAK.      The best hope is to win the club lead, cash SK, lead SQ to dummy's SA and lead S10 discarding HK if as likely West holds SJ.      This manoevre is known as a Scissors Coup named by the late great Terence Reese because it is cutting the defence's communications with each other.  You then can try knocking out DA and on the actual hand West cannot reach East's hand with a heart to obtain a club ruff as you can now ruff the first round of hearts.


Hand for 9th July 2021:

                                             North:       S       J  7

                                                               H      A  Q  5  4  2

                                                               D      A   7  5  4

                                                               C      Q  4


                                             South:       S      A  10  6

                                                                H      J   7

                                                                D      Q  8   6

                                                                C      K  J  10  9   8


Partner opens 1H, East overcalls 1S, you bid 2C, partner bids 2D, you bid 2NT and partner raises to 3NT.

West leads S4.       Plan the play.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             .

Castle Morpeth Swiss Pairs Tournament Saturday 27th March at 1.30pm  Click 

on Castle Morpeth Bridge Club, Morpeth, Northumberland, England (bridgewebs.com) for details and registration form 

9th August 2021
Morpeth vEBU Pairs
10th August 2021
Castle Morpeth vEBU Pairs
Director: Hristo Toshev
16th August 2021
Morpeth vEBU Pairs
Castle Morpeth vEBU Pairs
Director: Hristo Toshev
Scorer: Ken Reed
Morpeth vEBU Pairs
Castle Morpeth vEBU Pairs
Director: Hristo Toshev
Scorer: Mike Craig
Morpeth vEBU Pairs
Castle Morpeth vEBU Pairs
Director: Hristo Toshev
Scorer: Mike Craig
Morpeth vEBU Pairs