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2024/25 Committee

President: Willie O'Gorman (086 8443316)

Vice-President: Frances Daly (087 7791507)

Treasurer: Helen McDevitt (086 3743662)

Secretary: Róisín O'Gorman (085 7360927) 

Owen Cummins

Tom Daly

Teresa Farrell

Gerry Kyne

Mary Lyons

David Melody

Geraldine Murphy

Matchmaker: Noirin Fleming (087 2942713)

Local Playing Rules
Local Playing Rules ( Updated 2024)
  1. If you have a cold or a cough, please stay at home. Even if it is not the start of Covid or the flu, it will raise concerns for those you play against and may spoil their evening.

  1. To facilitate the set -up of the Bridgemates and a prompt start, at least one member of the partnership should be seated by 7.15 pm.  

  1. If a person will be delayed in arriving beyond 7.20, they should contact their partner, who should inform the TD. The TD may move the delayed pair to a sit-out table or give them an Average Minus at his discretion.

  1. North should sit with their back to the “storeroom corner” of the room.

  1. Please be courteous at all times to both the opposition and your partner. We all do inexplicably stupid things and sympathy from your partner, rather than criticism, is a much more constructive response;  See also How to be a good partner.

  1. You are obliged to announce your basic system (e.g. 4 and weak) at the start of each round and for those who play Count and Attitude, their approach in that regard. For more details on Bridge Etiquette, members are expected to be familiar with Basic Bridge Etiquette

  1. Count your cards before looking at them. At the end of the hand, shuffle your cards and count them again before returning them to the board.

  1. The boards should remain on the table, and be aligned North-South, at all times.

  1. The TD monitors the speed of play and will start to move the boards when approximately 75% of pairs have completed the round. Once the TD announces “Please Move”, you cannot continue playing unless dummy has been tabled. When a board is not played / completed, please enter “0” as the contract and accept it.

  1. If there has been, or you think there may have been, an infringement of the rules, whether accidental or not, please refer the matter to the TD.

  1. At the end of the evening, please help to tidy up.