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2019/2020 Committee

President: Mary Greene (087 1354095)

Vice President: Evelyn Blennerhassett

Treasurer: Helen McDevitt (086 3743662)

SecretaryDavid Melody (087 2363264)

ex Officio:  Owen Cummins

Mary Lyons

Geraldine Maher

Kitty McCabe

Geraldine Murphy

Joe Coyne

On-line Match Maker:   Noirin Fleming

086 2399998

Contact between noon and 7pm on Thursdays

CBAI Grades in Our Club

Novice: 1

B 2: 25

B 1: 31

A 2: 65

A 1: 43

MA: 36

MR: 7

MN 1

2020 Waiting List




Helen Donoghue

Sheila Malone

Helen Moore

Maura McNeeley

Noel McNeeley

Liam Maher

John Donnelly

Eithne MacDaeid

Regina McCarthy

Colin Scallan

Fionuala O'Donovan

Loretta Donnelly

Mary Bell

Maura Colgan

Clara Richardson

Breda Barry

Carmel Campbell

Emelie Gorman


Welcome to Castleknock Bridge Club
Sudden Death of Mary Finnigan

We are sad to report that our friend and long-time member, Mary Finnigan has died suddenly. Our deepest sympathy to her sister, Claire Grey and to her family.

Last updated : 18th Oct 2021 16:54 BST
Mid Leinster Region Calendar for 21/22 Season


 7:15 Oct-30/31:    Matchday 1 League 2021 (Real Bridge)

4.00  Nov-28th:      MLR Pairs 2.  Regional Pairs/National Qualifiers (2 Sessions)

7:15 Dec-4/5:        Matchday 2 League 2021 (Real Bridge)
11:00 Jan-22:         Naas Pairs BBO
7:15 Feb-06:           MLR Pairs 3 BBO
11:00 Feb-19:                       Presidents Cup 2 Sessions BBO
7:15 Feb-26/27:     Matchday 3 League 2022 (Real Bridge)

11:00 Mar-12         League Cup/Shield Real Bridge
7:15 Mar-26/27:     Matchday 4 League 2022 (Real Bridge)
7:15 Apr-03:           MLR Pairs 4 BBO

7:15 Apr 30/May1: Matchday 5 League 2022 (Real Bridge)

7:15 May-08:           MLR Pairs 5 BBO
7:15 May 21/22:     Matchday 6 League 2022 (Real Bridge)

 Friday 7:30 May-27:                           AGM tbc


Last updated : 18th Oct 2021 17:24 BST
Committee Plans for 2021/2022 Season

Committee Decisions on 21/22 Season

  This is to update you on the decisions made by your committee in relation to club activities in the coming 21/22 season.

  • We will continue to play online till January when the situation will be reviewed.
  • Annual subscriptions to the CBAI will be paid from Club reserves for all members again this year to ensure continuity.  “Virtual only” members will have to pay a 10 Euro fee via Mary Greene (087 1354095).
  • The policy of awarding no prizes for the online games will continue.
  • In each section there will be a two-week Autumn Pairs on October 14th and 21st , and a Spring Pairs on March 24tth and 31st. No extra charge will apply.
  • The IBU and CBAI Simultaneous Pairs will be played online. A small extra charge will be applied in this instance to support Irish youth bridge.
  • There will be imps/teams scoring in both sections on the last Thursday of each month. This will give practice for teams’ bridge, especially the Cunningham Leagues.

We look forward to offering you another enjoyable season of bridge in Castleknock to the extent that circumstances allow.

Last updated : 18th Aug 2021 10:48 BST
CBAI Guidance re Online Bridge Ethics

 Message to all those playing online on CBAI BBO platform to be communicated to all players and published on club websites Because of the prevalence of unethical and dishonest behaviour by a small minority of online bridge players, the CBAI has asked the club to remind you about requirements for ethical behaviour at all times. There are daily reports of people perceived to be deliberately CHEATING when playing online. All members should be in no doubt that the CBAI is taking this issue extremely seriously and there will be consequences for anyone found to be cheating. Club TDs or Online Managers should endeavour to ensure that all players are aware of what actions as acceptable and which are definitely not – e.g. providing explanations in the chat area for partner to see as well as opponents is NOT acceptable, the alert area only should be used Clubs playing on the CBAI platform are required to note the following:

1. All players must enter their real names in their user profile. Preferably enter both names but a Christian name only is acceptable

2. If visitors are playing in a club the club must have the visitors’ CBAI affiliation number

3. No unaffiliated players may play on the CBAI BBO platform

4. Local Master Points will be awarded in accordance with the CBAI Master Point Scheme for all events.

The following instructions to be issued to all people playing on the BBO CBAI platform - Whether you are playing in your local friendly club or you are representing your country you must adhere to the international rules of bridge. CHEATING IS CHEATING WHETHER ONLINE OR IN A FACE-TO-FACE GAME, AND IT WILL BE SUBJECT TO THE SAME DISCIPLINARY PROCESSES, THE SAME SANCTIONS AND THE SAME POSSIBILITY OF BEING NAMED PUBLICLY IF CONVICTED.

All those wishing to play on the CBAI BBO platform must a) Confirm to their club that they have read this document. b) Ensure that the club has their CBAI NBID number c) Enter their REAL NAME in their bridge profile on BBO – Christian name is acceptable if you don’t want to give your full name. d) Ensure that they always play according to the rules of our game Those who have concerns about the actions of another CBAI member should raise them with your TD or Online Club Manager and should not make public accusations or insinuations on social media.

A. Self-Kibitzing THIS IS CHEATING

B. Having another person kibitz and pass on information to you THIS IS CHEATING

C. Phoning/contacting partner during play THIS IS CHEATING

D. Communicating with partner when playing in the same house/room. Showing your hand, asking for a lead, suggesting bids THIS IS CHEATING

Consequences The Tournament Director or BBO Online Club Manager is required to forward details of any unethical behaviour to CBAI Head Office, who will undertake a full investigation of any alleged wrongdoing. If Unethical behaviour is proven, the players will face suspension or expulsion from CBAI and notification of same to International Bridge Organisations

Last updated : 28th Feb 2021 15:18 GMT
Autumn Pairs Night 1 BLU
Autumn Pairs Night 1 RED
RED Nov to InterA
BLUE InterA and Above
RED Nov to InterA - IMPS
BLUE InterA and Above - IMPS
21st Oct 2021
Autumn Pairs Night 2
28th Oct 2021
RED Nov to InterA- IMPS
28th Oct 2021
BLUE InterA and Above
4th Nov 2021
RED Nov to InterA
4th Nov 2021
BLUE InterA and Above
11th Nov 2021
RED Nov to InterA