Castle Golf Club - Bridge
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Bridge at Castle

Bridge at Castle is played in the Clubhouse on Monday evenings from mid-September to mid-April.  Play begins at 7:15pm.  Players are requested to be seated by 7:05pm to facilitate the organisation of the game.  All adult members of the Club are welcome to play.  Spouses of adult members are also welcome.

Diary 2022-23

Silver Salver includes Silver Plate

Rose Bowl - 16 April, Dun laoghaire Golf Club

Castle V Grange - 26 February (provisional) in Grange

Centenary Trophy - Teams

  • Entries will be accepted from Teams of Four players, Pairs and Singletons.  The committee will endeavour to allocate pairs and singletons to a team.

Competitions designated as MAJORS:

  • Turkey Competition - 5 December
  • Joyce Church Trophy - 26 September, 28 November, 16 January
  • Silver Salver (includes Silver Plate) - 20 & 27 February
  • President’s Prize - 13 March

Entries for MAJORS

  • No guests are permitted for MAJORS.
  • Only those players who have played in two competitions between 5 September and 28 November will be permitted to play in the Turkey Competition.
  • NOTE - Centenary Trophy is ONE competition.
  • For other major competitions competitors must have played in three competitions from 5 September.

Joyce Church Trophy

  • This is an individual competition where players must play with a different partner each night in order to be eligible to win the competition.  In addition;
  • Players graded A1 and higher must play on two nights with lower grade partners, one of whom must be below A2 grade.
  • Players graded A2 must play on one night with a lower grade partner.
  • Players who are ungraded and those graded N2 through B1 have no restrictions on choosing their partners, excepting they must play with a different partner each night.

Rules and ScoringJoyce Church Trophy

  • All players must sit where directed by the TD.
  • When there are more than 15.5 tables two sections will be formed.
  • The competition will be played in a Mitchell Movement.
  • The winning pairs on each orientation will be awarded points as follows;

1st 10

2nd 8

3rd 6

4th 5

5th 4

6th 3

7th 2

8th 1

9th 0

  • Where there is a tie points will be shared e.g. Two tied for 3rd each receives 5.5 points.
  • The winner will be the individual with the most points after the final night.
  • In the event of a tie then the person with the most 1st places will be the winner, if still tied then 2nd place finishes will be the decider and so on down to 8th place.  If still tied then there will be joint winners.