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Bridge at Castle

Bridge at Castle is played in the Clubhouse on Monday evenings from mid-September to mid-April.  Play begins at 7:15pm.  Players are requested to be seated by 7:05pm to facilitate the organisation of the game.  All adult members of the Club are welcome to play.  Spouses of adult members are also welcome.

WhatsApp Best Practice

Castle Bridge WhatsApp Group

Best Practice Guide

There are 100 participants in the group.  Members of the group are kindly requested to adhere to these best practice guidelines when they are messaging to the group.

  1. Please confine communications to bridge related matters.
  2. Refrain from sending personal type messages.
  3. Use one to one messaging when replying to an individual request or question, even if the matter was sent to the group.
    • For example if John Doe is looking for a partner, send him a one to one, when John Doe finds a partner he should then let the group know by simply saying “Found a partner, thanks.”
  4. The group is not intended for personal messages of
    • Congratulations
    • Best wishes
    • Happy anything
    • Messages of condolence and so forth.

In simple terms use of the group should be confined to:

  • Find a partner
  • Messages from Committee to Players (these do not require a response).
  • TD messages before, during and after play.