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Bridge at Castle

Bridge at Castle is played in the Clubhouse on Monday evenings from mid-September to mid-April.  Play begins at 7:15pm.  Players are requested to be seated by 7:05pm to facilitate the organisation of the game.  All adult members of the Club are welcome to play.  Spouses of adult members are also welcome.

Bidding Boxes

Players in turn place the selected calls in front of them - facing towards the centre of the table - in a row from left to right, with every call in the sequence visible

WHEN IS A CALL DEEMED TO BE MADE? - A call is deemed to be made when the bidding card has been placed on the table. To hesitate between calls when touching the bidding cards could constitute a violation of Law 16 - Unauthorised information

CORRECTION OF A CALL - A call may be changed without penalty ONLY if all three of the following conditions are fulfilled:-

1.The player has positively taken out the wrong bidding card by mistake AND
2.The change or attempt to change is made instantly - that is, almost in the same movement of the hand AND
3.The change or attempt to change is made while the player STILL HOLDS the bidding card, although it may have been placed on the table.

The Tournament Director will normally allow a change of call that does not fulfil these conditions if the original call was inadvertent. However, this is unlikely to be the case if it was made from a different section of the bidding box.

If the left hand opponent made a call before the change was allowed, he may withdraw that card and replace it with another without penalty.

INCORRECTLY EXPOSED BIDDING CARD - An incorrectly exposed call can be subject to penalty if the Tournament Director judges that an opponent has been misled.

USE OF "STOP" CARD - The STOP card should be placed on the table with any jump bid and should stay there for about ten seconds. The next player may not bid until it is removed.

USE OF "ALERT" CARD - Whenever an alert is required, the ALERT card should be taken from the box and shown to both opponents (making sure that it is seen by both) before being replaced in the box.

AT THE END OF THE AUCTION - The bidding cards should remain in place until the opening lead has been made face down and all explanations have been obtained, after which they should be returned to their boxes. The Tournament Director may order the final bid to remain on the table until play is over.

If there is a conflict between the Laws and the bidding box regulations, the Laws shall take precedence.