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Realbridge Online Protocol
Online Protocol

Please use the camera and microphone on your computer/laptop when playing online.  

Your opponents may want to ask a question of your conventions etc. 

Remember we can hear background noises from your home - telephone, radio, television etc. - please turn your microphone off during play so that those at your table are not disturbed by your domestic noises, until you are able to stop this interference.

Please don’t eat your supper when playing!

Please remember that when you’re dummy not to make grimaces over declarer’s hand and how he/she plays the hand.  As for F2F bridge dummy must remain quiet throughout.

For our sessions please join on line by 6.15pm, 15 minutes before the start time, just as you would for F2F sessions.  Until everyone is online the Director is unable to set up the movement and start the session.

UNDOs.  UNDOs are now allowed only for mechanical errors during the bidding phase.  Changes of mind are NOT ALLOWED.

UNDOs are no longer allowed during the card play phase.

Claims.  Please claim as soon as you can as this speeds up play considerably.

Logging In to Realbridge.  Please use both your first name and surname and EBU number as this will save the Director much unnecessary work at the end of the evening.  If you cant remember your EBU number please contact a member of your club’s committee.