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BBO Language

Bridge players on the Internet have created a language of abbreviations, a bridge shorthand, to quickly relay a message during on-line play. Note that using all capital letters translates into YELLING :)


2020 membership will be extended until club reopens for face-to-face play.

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The Winners' Circle (Copy)
Rubber Bridge:
Tuesday, August 6
1st: Mark Hamilton & Jim Wadley
2nd: Don & Ellie Elsenheimer

Cribbage Club:
Wednesday, August 7
1st: Tony Private

2nd: George Hardardt

3rd: Gary Brandt
4th: Wayne Kittelson


VCC Euchre Club:
Monday, August 5
1st: Helen Holzman
2nd: (tie) Jim Pierce & Dave Robertson
Most Loners: (tie) Art Holzman, Gary Brandt, Roger Duvall

Better Bridgers:
Wednesday, August 7
1st: Sheila & W.D. Stanley
2nd: Calvin Doody & Jerry Sherman

Rubber Bridge: Tuesday mornings at 9:30 am. Contact Kay Pearson (922-5244)
Better Bridgers: Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm. Contact Calvin Doody (922-0645).
HSV Cribbage Club: Wednesday evenings at 5:30 pm. Contact Julie Hardardt (915-9136).
VCC Euchre Club: 1st & 3rd Monday evenings at 6:30 pm. Contact Jann Grace (226-5542).
Military Double Deck Pinochle League: 3rd Thursday at 6:00 pm (Sept-May). Contact Mary Jenkins (922-5261) to register or join a team.