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October Milestones


Nominees for 2021 Board of Directors

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Greg Frank


Vice President

Martha McAlister



Phyllis Baltz



Alan Trippel




Deborah Christian




Annie Dethardt



Member Services

Noel Stewart



Player Development

Teri LaBove

Andy Cosby will serve 2nd year of 2-year term as Program Director

October 13 Social / Business Gathering

Videos were made for the benefit of those not present.

The video quality is marginal as they were recorded using an iPhone, so turn up the volume and listen carefully.

The Audience (9 seconds)

Noel Stewart - President (14:35)

Fran Bazemore - Election Committee Chairman (4:03)

Andy Cosby - Program Director (2:33)

Teri LaBove - Marketing Director (2:41)

Ken Frankenberger - Club Operations Manager (1:30)

High School Seniors

During this time with limited social interaction, let's share our high school senior photos.

Please send your photo and graduation year to the Webmaster







Special Events

Club Championship Week (November 23-29) >> Upgraded masterpoints awards in Virtual Clubs

Winter Wonderland  (December 17-20) >> Regionally rated events

70% Games

70% (Oct 22)
Buddhadeb Biswas
Rich Higgins

72% (Oct 21)
Elizabeth Farris
Tim Kauffman

70% (Oct 19)
Catherine Landers
Linda Prust

70% (Oct 16)
Ned Irving
Rich Higgins

70% (Oct 12)
Greg Frank
Rich Higgins

71% (Oct 09)
Ned Irving
Rich Higgins

70% (Oct 08)
Ned Irving
Donald Rumelhart

75% (Oct 07)
Becky Gilbreath
Kay Swanson

71% (Oct 05)
Martha McAlister
Ginna Domm

75% (Oct 03)
Noel Stewart
Ginna Domm

70% (Oct 02)
Mary Jo Barnett
Elizabeth Farris