Village Card Club
Rubber Bridge

Tuesday mornings 9:30 a.m

Coordinator Kay Pearson 922-5244

Teri LaBove 984-1384

ACBL Live for Clubs

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2020 membership will be extended until club reopens for face-to-face play.

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Village Card Club Is OPEN at Casa de Carta

Schedule through June 25

Day Date Time Event
Thursday 17-Jun 1:00 PM Open & 0-200
Friday 18-Jun 1:00 PM Open & 0-500
Saturday 19-Jun 12:45 PM BBO 0-500 [TLD]
Saturday 19-Jun 1:00 PM BBO Open [TLD]
Sunday 20-Jun 12:45 PM BBO 0-500 [TLD]
Sunday 20-Jun 1:00 PM BBO Open [TLD]
- - - -
Monday 21-Jun 12:00 PM Cosby Recognition Lunch
Monday 21-Jun 1:00 PM Open & 0-500 [UWC]
Tuesday 22-Jun 9:30 AM Rubber Bridge
Tuesday 22-Jun 1:00 PM Open & 0-200
Wednesday 23-Jun 1:00 PM 0-1500 & 0-300
Wednesday 23-Jun 5:30 PM Cribbage
Thursday 24-Jun 1:00 PM Open & 0-200
Friday 25-Jun 1:00 PM Open & 0-500

The game schedule will be reviewed prior to posting dates for the following weeks.

* The Winner's Circle *
Rubber Bridge Cribbage Club
Tuesday, June 15 Wednesday, June 16
1st:  Don & Ellie Eisenheimer 1st:  Wayne Kittleson
2nd:  Becky Wakefield & Doris Simmons 2nd: Terry Gainor
3rd: Ray Warner

Future ACBL Events
Event Date Description
The Longest Day June 19-20 Upgraded MPs in Virtual Clubs
Endless Summer June 24-27 Regionally rated events (not club games)
NAP Qualifying July 1-31 Qualifying games for North American Pairs
Summer NABC Robot Ind. July 10-12 NABC Robot Individual Tournament
Summer NAOBC July 15-25 Knockiout event and pair event
Stardust Week July 26-31 Upgraded MPs in Virtual Clubs
NAP Qualifying Aug 1-31 Qualifying games for North American Pairs
2021 Village Card Club Charity Contributions
Month Amount Event Charity
January $422 ACBL Silver Linings Week Fellowship Food Pantry
February $355 ACBL Education Foundation Week HSV Animal Welfare League
March $332 ACBL Stardust Week Teen Challenge of Arkansas



ACBL Charity Foundation Week

Meals on Wheels

ACBL Charity Foundation

May $282 ACBL Silver Linings Week Fellowship Food Pantry
June Milestones


    Tony Gunn               Jim McKeand

     Silver LM               Sectional Master

70% Games

75% (Jun 16)
Nikki Choyce
Diane McMillan

72% (June 03)
Marie Hylden
Rick Hylden

70% (May 31)
Dwayne Ballew
Marcia Ballew