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BBO Language

Bridge players on the Internet have created a language of abbreviations, a bridge shorthand, to quickly relay a message during on-line play. Note that using all capital letters translates into YELLING :)


2020 membership will be extended until club reopens for face-to-face play.

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Getting to Know You

Meet Greg Frank.

I was first exposed to bridge during my parents’ bridge parties while I growing up in Nebraska.  I then played lots of friendly bridge (sometimes all night) with fraternity brothers while a student at Iowa State.  I began playing duplicate bridge in Ames, Iowa during my senior year.  My wife often reminds me that shortly after the birth of my first son, I told her that I had to leave the hospital so I would not be late for an evening duplicate bridge game.

I became more serious about learning the game after I started my first job with Bell Labs in NJ in 1969, reading many books, playing with more experienced partners, and getting beat up at tournaments in New York City.  However, my partner and I won a big novice game at one of those tournaments and received a very tall trophy … I saved the engraved name plate.  After a couple years on assignment in the Marshall Islands, we moved to Columbus, Ohio, in 1974 where we lived on/off for 20 years.  A highlight was playing with Jeff Meckstroth at a regional event in Cincinnati.  I played many tournaments and directed a weekly evening game.  Those were the days when we would crowd 10 friends into a hotel room to save money … and during those years, won several sectional and regional events.  While living in the UK 1994-1995, I only played bridge a couple times, once in a Calcutta game in London.  While living in Saudi Arabia 1996-1999, I played only once at a Dutch compound.

We retired to HSV in 2005 and I started playing bridge more regularly at VCC, but not until 2011, when I retired a second time from working as a technical support person at Fountain Lake School, did I play more frequently.  At that time, I also started a 6-year stint on the Fountain Lake School board as well as frequent golfing with the guys.  I was VCC Club Manager 2015-2018 and now a member of the Unit 161 Board, Unit 161 Tournament Coordinator, District 10 Webmaster, VCC Webmaster, and 2021 VCC President.  I enjoy playing bridge and supporting bridge organizations.

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Future ACBL Events


Event Date Description
Stay@Home, Play@Home April 22-25 Regionally rated events (not club games)
Grass Roots Weekend May 15-16 Double BLACK MPs; $5 table fee
Silver Linings Week May 24-30 Double Silver MPs; $5 table fee
NAP Qualifying June 1-30 Qualifying games for North American Pairs
The Longest Day June 19-20 Upgraded MPs in Virtual Clubs
Endless Summer June 24-27 Regionally rated events (not club games)
Summer NABC Robot Ind. July 10-12 NABC Robot Individual Tournament
Summer NAOBC July 15-25 Knockiout event and pair event
Stardust Week July 26-1 Upgraded MPs in Virtual Clubs
2021 Village Card Club Charity Contributions
Month Amount Event Charity
January $422 ACBL Silver Linings Week Fellowship Food Pantry
February $355 ACBL Education Foundation Week HSV Animal Welfare League
March $332 ACBL Stardust Week Teen Challenge of Arkansas



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Phil Michaelson
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Phil Michaelson
Greg Frank

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Fred Carnal
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