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2nd Jul 2020 12:11 BST
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Visitors Welcome

Tuesdays 7:30


Day Centre, Carn Hospital

Call Gerry 

087 2407507


Welcome to Carndonagh Bridge Club
Inishowen Bridge Club

BBO #1:


1. Marie Kelly & John Farren..................... 61.11

2.Patsy (B) & conal McGrenra................... 57.41

3. Paddy Doran & Paddy McKinley.............. 56.48

   & Liam & Mgt. Doherty.........................  56.48

Full results on the right---->

Inishowen Bridge Club

The Inishowen Bridge Club is available on Bridge Base Online.It is open to all members of Buncrana, Carndonagh & Moville Bridge Clubs. You need to have an Id. on BBO - it should be fairly obvious to other users. The club will be found on BBO under CBAI125542.

We will play on Wednesday Evenings at 7:30. The competition will be an 18 board Howell movement. As with other tournaments on BBO, there will be no prizes - just bragging rights. The results will be on BBO & the Carndonagh website.

The first 3 tournaments will be free. After, that, you will need to put some money into BBO, as they will charge for the competition. They accept Credit Cards and they are reliable. The charge for each game has not been determined yet.

Notify your Club Secretary or Gerry O'Keeffe (087 2407507 or - your Id. & real name to be included in the list of eligible players.


Wednesdays, 7:30 on BBO, under CBAI125542




Brennan Cup


Congrats to the Winners!!!

1. Mike Spanner & Damien Sweeney

2. M.J. McLaughlin & Seamus Doherty

3. Sadie Kelly & Una Mooney

4. Mai Mooney & John Francis Lafferty



1. Anna Carr & James McLaughlin

2. Sandra McGinley & Mgt. Nairn

3. Pairic Burke & Una Carty

"A": Phyllis Murphy & Marion Gallagher

"B": Wendy Buddin & John Farren

Novice: Mairead McDaid & Aidan McLaughlin

Detail results & hands on the Regional Website


Committee Prize 2019 winners:-

Tuesday Oct. 22nd.

1. Paddy Sharkey & Liam Graham

2. Sadie Kelly & Una Mooney

3. Eugene O'Sullivan & Mary Doherty (BH)

4. Joe McLaughlin & Nell Gallagher

Founders' Trophy 2019


   Tuesday Oct. 8th. 

1. Maura Monagle & Winnie Deery 

2. M. J. McLaughlin & Seamus Doherty

3. Mai Mooney & Pat Walshe

4. Patsy Doherty & Conal McGrenra


Founders' Trophy 2019

1st. Anna & Shaun................... 67.80%

3rd. Dessie Doherty............... 64.02

4th. Pat McDaid....................... 63.52

5th. Mgt. & Liam.....................  62.99

Best Gross: Zrinka.................. 63.52

Club Championship 2019

1. Joe McLaughlin & Nell Gallagher

2. Liam Graham & Paddy Sharkey

3. Teresa McLaughlin & Pat Walshe

4. Seamus Doherty & M.J. McLaughlin

Sess.#1: J.F. Lafferty & Maura Monagle

Sess.#2: Tom Scott & Annie McBride


Easter Charity Night 2019

1. Mickey McLaughlin & Connell McLoone

2. Pairic Burke & Una Carty

3. Eric McNicholl & Gerry O'Keeffe

Best Inter. Eugene & Pauline





Feb. 12 2019:

1. Mai Mooney & JF Lafferty

2. Aidan McLaughlin & Gerry O'Keeffe

3. Seamus Doherty & MJ McLaughlin




The New Handicap system is based on an percentage average from Sep.01 2017  to Aug. 31st. 2018.

Nobody will be handicapped down.

Others will be brought up to 55% approx.

Visitors will be allocated an appropriate handicap.

Handicaps will be revised every quarter.


It has been decided by the members that the starting time will be

7:30 P.M.

From Tuesday 26th. Spetember


Fixtures 2019/2020

Mar. 17 No Bridge

** On Hold **

Mar. 31 Meehan Cup

Apr. 14 Charity Night

Apr. 28 Club Champ#1

May 5 Club Champ#2

May 12 President's Night

May 19 A.G.M.


Congrats to the New Committee:

Pres: Patsy Doherty

Sec: Wendy Buddin

Tres: Mai Mooney

T.D.: Gerry O'Keeffe

Wed 8th July 2020
BBO #2
Director: Gerry O'Keeffe
Wed 15th July 2020
BBO #3
Director: Gerry O'Keeffe
Wed 22nd July 2020
BBO #4
Director: Gerry O'Keeffe
BBO #1
Director: Gerry O'Keeffe
Scorer: Gerry O'Keeffe
Brennan Cup
Director: Gerry O'Keeffe
Scorer: Gerry O'Keeffe
Director: Gerry O'Keeffe
Scorer: Gerry O'Keeffe
Director: Gerry O'Keeffe
Scorer: Gerry O'Keeffe
Director: Gerry O'Keeffe
Scorer: Gerry O'Keeffe
Director: Gerry O'Keeffe
Scorer: Gerry O'Keeffe
Director: Gerry O'Keeffe
Scorer: Gerry O'Keeffe