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Education and Classes
Carlton Bridge Club - Masterclass Summer 2020

All events start in the Club at 11.00 and will be on a Thursday. Please register your interest at There will not be a charge but donations welcome to a charity chosen by the presenters.

Thursday 16th April: Derrick Peden: Play in match pointed hands

Thursday 23rd April: Liz Mcgowan: Squeeze play: Being squeezed is not fun but there is a lot you can do to thwart declarer and help partner.

Thursday 30th April: Derrick Peden: How to get a reasonably good contract

Thursday 7th May: Liz Mcgowan: Overcalls

Thursday 14th May: Geoff Bailey: Defending under pressure

Thursday 21st May: Liz Mcgowan: Doubling 1NT

Thursday 28th May: Geoff Bailey: Understanding partner’s lead

Thursday 4th June: Derrick Peden: How to defend in match pointed games

Thursday 11th June: Geoff Bailey: The Switch: Opening up a suit has risks but how often have you wondered what it takes for partner to find tricks in your hand? 

We are pleased to annouce that Derrick and Liz are playing for Scotland this year. Please check out our news page for more information.

Easy Play

This has been postponed until further notice.

The Carlton is offering a new session every Tuesday afternoon starting at 1.30 and finishing at 4.00.

Who is this for?

  • This is for students who are in the middle or have completed Year 2 of lessons.

  • Anyone who plays social bridge and would like a gentle introduction to Club bridge.

  • Anyone who is a bit rusty and would like to refresh their bridge skills in a non-competitive group

What will it entail?

  • Limited number of hands played.

  • Support from an experienced bridge player

  • Opportunities to try out popular conventions

  • Handouts at the end of each session to give further support for the points covered in the class

How much will it cost?

  • £3.50 for existing club members or £5.00 for non-members per session.  You will only pay for the sessions that you attend

What do I do next?

  • You can register your interest for this new session on the link below or come along to the group on Tuesday 3rd March or any subsequent Tuesday. You can come along without  a partner.

Further information from :

Welcome to Bridge Classes at the Carlton -Session 2019-20

Lessons start the week beginning 18th September 2019

Classes are run on a sessional basis.   Start times for afternoon classes are 1.30 and for evening classes, 7.00. Each lesson lasts approximately two hours with time for a break for refreshments.

There is limited day-time parking but free on-street parking after 5.30. By bus, the 8, 23 and 27 pass near the Club on Inverleith Row.

Tuesday – Evening - Year 2 Class. Aimed at students who have had the first 20 bridge lessons. Teacher: June Morrison

Wednesday - Afternoon – Year 1 Class. Aimed at students who have had no bridge lessons. Teacher: Elizabeth Peckham

Thursday - Afternoon – Year 2 Class.  Aimed at students who have had the first 20 bridge lessons. Teacher: Margo Cursiter

Friday - Evening – Year 3 Class. Aimed at students who have had the first 40 bridge lessons and wish to carry on with further instruction. Teacher: Mike Young                   

For an explanation of each Course Title and other information click here

If you would like further information or would like to register for classes please email: or phone the club: 0131 552 3122



Tuesday Bronze

Tuesday Evening 6.45pm.  No partner needed. 

Gentle duplicate aimed at beginners and intermediates. Cost is £3.50 for Carlton members and £5 for non-members.


Wednesday Bronze

Wednesday Afternoon 1.15pm to 4.45pm.  No partner needed. 

Gentle duplicate aimed at beginners and intermediates. Cost is £3.50 for Carlton members and £5 for non-members. 


Thursday No Fear Pairs

Thursday Evening 6.45pm 

This is a friendly and relaxed tournament for players who are new to the game and may not have played much.  This is run by Derek Sanders, an experienced bridge teacher, who is there to help with the use of bidding boxes, scoring and movement. Play ends at about    10.00pm and a hand out and analysis of the hands played is available.  Cost is £6 per person. More information at Derek's web site.