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The Bridge Club AGM was held on 24th January, you can click on 2023 AGM Secretary's Report and 2023 AGM Finance Report to see the relevant documents

Click HERE to see the current Winter League Results (5 sessions played)

There is an online Calendar on the Penylan Club Website which gives details of events in the Club so that we know when the Hall is being used, for instance, for indoor bowling. You can see it by clicking on CALENDAR

The Penylan Club AGM took place on Tuesday 22nd March 2022.

Click on the links to see:
•    Minutes of the Meeting
•    Updated Constitution
•    Treasurer's Job Description
•   Plugging the Financial Black Hole



Congratulations to the following people who have gained promotion on the WBU Masterpoints ladder since August 2022. A more detailed list may be seen by clicking on 2023 Jan Masterpoint Promotions and a full listing of all CBC Masterpoints is available on 2023 Jan WBU Masterpoints Spreadsheet.xlsx

 Helen Houston - Premier Master
 Margaret Harrop -  * Master
 Arthur Matheson - Master
Johanna  Hunt  - County Master
Bryn Hunt  - County Master
Roger  Salamon - County Master
Jane  Buttrick - County Master
David  Buttrick - County Master
Francisco Andrade - District Master
Paul  Foode - District Master
Margaret  Basford - District Master
Jane Mitchell - Area Master
Peter  Latto - Area Master
Paul Wood - Area Master
Raymond  Kemp - Area Master
Carole  Hibbs - Club Master
Christine Muschiato - Local Master
Pauline  Bentley - Local Master


East Wales Bridge Association

EWBA February Congress

18th-19th February 11am to 6.30pm

Swiss Pairs Saturday & Swiss Teams Sunday (Green pointed events)

Venue: Gwent Bridge Academy
Clayton Street
Newport NP19 7AU

£20 per pair / £40 per team

More details and entry form at:

Welsh Bridge Union

The EBU have recently announced a number of changes to their Regulations (which the WBU automatically adopt). The changes are to the 'Blue Book', the 'White Book', and the 'Sky Blue Book' - effective from September 1st. These changes affect different groups of players/officials.

The full changes can be found by clicking on WBU website  but a summary can be seen by clicking on 2022 WBU re rule changes.pdf and 2022 Blue Book changes simplified.pdf

Sign up to the WBU mailing list and stay informed on Bridge in Wales.

It is very easy to Register and to opt in: Go to the WBU website (click HERE) . In the Menu click on Contacts and then click on the last item there, WBU Mailing List. Complete brief details and click Subscribe.

There will be regular newsletters, the third of which can be accessed by clicking on WBU 3rd Newsletter. in which Gilly discusses the benefits of WBU membership, and what the WBU does for its members

Want to join one of the biggest Bridge Clubs in Wales?
We offer a range of duplicate bridge sessions for players of all abilities, together with tuition to assist you in improving your game.
In addition, members and their guests can benefit from a social club with licenced bar and televised sporting events. 
Apply to become a member today.
Click on :Shop/Membership
Petanque Club Quiz

Social Club

Make the most of your Membership

Catch the latest sport in the bar

via SKY & BTSport.

Six Nations Fixtures 2023 being shown live at the Penylan Club.

 4/2/23 Wales v Ireland KO 2.15pm, England  v Scotland KO 4.45pm. Bar open from 1pm.

11/2/23 Ireland v France KO 2.15pm, Scotland v Wales KO 4.45pm. Bar open from 1.30pm.

25/2/23 Italy v Ireland KO 2.15pm, Wales v England KO 4.45pm. Bar open from 1.30pm.

11/3/23 Italy v Wales KO 2.15pm, England v France KO 4.45pm. Bar open from 1pm

18/3/23 France v Wales KO 2.45pm, Ireland v England KO 5.00pm. Bar open from 1.30pm.

*Please note that food will be provided on the 4/2/23 & 11/2/23.


Bar Opening Times

The bar opening times: 

Monday:  6pm to 10.30pm

Tuesday: 6pm to 10.30pm

Wed. to Fri.: 6pm to 11pm

Saturday: 5pm to 11pm

Sunday Lunch: 12noon to 3pm

Sunday Evening: 8pm to 11pm

See note above re 6 Nations bar times


Free Wi-Fi

at the club

for Members only.

See Bar Steward for details

Competition Winners
Club Trophy Page

Club Championship Teams:

2021: Philip Felman, Trevor Towers, Gilly Clench, Aida Aris & David Birt 
2020: Not held due to Covid
2019: Nalini Dewan, Jason He, Gwynn Davis & Sue Ingham
2018: Diane & Filip Kurbalija, Sarah Amos & Simon Gottschalk
2017: Diane & Filip Kurbalija, Jill Reitz, Simon Gottschalk & Chris Rochelle
2016: Gwynn Davis, Sue Ingham, Simon Gottschalk & Chris Rochelle
2015: Patrick Jourdain, Mike Hirst, David Birt, Trevor Towers & John Glubb  
2014: Patrick Jourdain, Mike Hirst, David Birt, Trevor Towers
2013: Peter Dutton, Terry Parkes, Steve Webb, Tom Reddy, David Teague
2012: John Glubb, Mike Hirst, Patrick Jourdain, David McAndrew
2011: Nick Huggett, Ken Richardson, Liz Atkinson, Chris Rochelle
2010: Linda Powell, Isabel Evans, Sharon Winter, John Marshall
2009: Patrick Jourdain, John Glubb, Filip & Diane Kurbalija           
2008: Tony Ratcliff, Filip & Diane Kurbalija, Jill Casey
2007: Tom Reddy, Trevor Towers, Simon Richards, Liz Atkinson, Peter Goodman
2006: Filip & Diane Kurbalija, Tony Ratcliff, Patrick Jourdain
2005: Tom Reddy, Brian Rich, Mike Wilson, Isabel Evans, Linda Powell
2004: Filip & Diane Kurbalija, Tony Ratcliff, Jill Casey
2003: David & Viv Hamilton, Don & Eileen Jenkins
2002: Filip & Diane Kurbalija, Jill Casey, Nelson Stephens
2001: David Birt, Geoff Evans, Joe Patrick, Trevor Towers
2000: Filip & Diane Kurbalija, Jill Casey, Tony Casey
Club Championship Pairs:
2021: Sue Ingham and Gwynn Davis (Hcp Jean Board and Caroline Stephenson)
2020: Not held due to Covid
2019: Gwynn Davis and Chris Rochelle (Hcp Helen Houston and Steve Webb)
2018: Sarah Amos and Simon Gottschalk (Hcp Veronica Burrows and Martin Joseph)
2017: Gwynn Davis and Mike Hirst (Hcp Marie George and Brian Quinlan)
2016: Gwynn Davis and Sue Ingham (Hcp Susan Brooks and Mike Drake)
2015: Gwynn Davis and Sue Ingham (Hcp:  Peter Pendry and Ian Evans)
2014: John Glub and Patrick Jourdain (Hcp: Susan Brooks and Mike Drake)
2013: Gwynn Davis and Chris Rochelle (Hcp: Dr Tulsi Mahanty & Athur Matheson)
2012: Jill Casey & Diane Kurbalija (Hcp: Nick Huggett, Ken Richardson)
2011: Geoff & Isabel Evans (Hcp: Pat Sullivan, Hugh Simmonds)
2010: Mark Roderick & Trevor Towers (Hcp: Anne Jones, Aileen Ashmore)
2009: Aida Aris & Tom Reddy (Hcp: Aida Aris, Tom Reddy))
2008: Peter Goodman, Gordon Roxburgh (Hcp: Teresa Goss, Jean Flynn)
2007: Jack Fine, David Ronson (Hcp: Teresa Goss, Jean Flynn)
2006: David Birt, Geoff Evans (Hcp: Juris Dzenis, Alvis Berzinkis)
2005: Chris Rochelle, Liz Atkinson (Hcp: Jack & Dorothy Loxton)
2004: Mike Hirst, Filip Kurbalija (Hcp: Jurdy Pearce, John Marshall)
2003: Mike Hirst, Filip Kurbalija (Hcp: Denis Lansing, Aeron Evans)
2002: Philip Felman, Trevor Towers (Hcp: Viv Bines, Simon Gould)
2001: David Birt, Geoff Evans
2000: Jill Williams, Isabel Good
Club Championship Mixed Pairs:
2019: Gwynn Davis & Sue Ingham
2018: Gwynn Davis & Sue Ingham
2017: Mike Pownall & Mieke Deschepper
2016: Gwynn Davis & Sue Ingham
2015: Gilly Clench & David Birt
2014: Aida Aris & Simon Gottschalk
2013: Sue Ingham & Gwynn Davis
2012: Sue Ingham & Gwynn Davis
2011: Aida Aris & Adrian Thomas
2010: Gilly Clench & Patrick Jourdain
2009: Isabel Evans & Geoff Evans
2008: Diana Jones, Chris Rochelle
2007: Sharon Winter, John Marshall
2006: Diana Jones, Chris Rochelle
2005: Diana Jones, Chris Rochelle
2004: Ann Hirst, Mike Hirst
2003: Ann Hirst, Mike Hirst
2002: Mary Aherne, Peter McColl
2001: Viv & David Hamilton
2000: Diana Jones, Chris Rochelle
Club Individual:
2021: Not held due to Covid
2020: Darren Bellamy
2019: Linda Powell
Sadie Valdemar (pro-am Teams):
2021: Teresa Goss, Jean Flynn, Alastair Jinks & Stephen Cole
2020: Sue Biggin, Clive Shilling, Sue & Charlotte Ingham
2019: Teresa Goss, Jean Flynn, Gwynn Davis & Chris Rochelle
2018: Nalini Dewan, Simon Gottschalk, Jean Board & Mike Winter
2017: Linda Powell, Sandra James, Darren Bellamy, Roger Salamon
2016: Sharon Winter, John Marshall, David Hay, Mike Cronly
2015: Steve Webb, Helen Houston, Peter Pendry, Ian Evans
2014: Philip Ansell, Peter Davies, Robert Drinkall, Brian Quinlan
2013: Angela Gilbert, Janet Cunnington, Duncan Taylor, Rod McKerlich
2012: Philip Ansell, Peter Davies, David Teague, Geoff Evans
2011: Veronica Burrows, Martin Joseph, Geoff Evans, Isabel Evans
2010: Jean James, David Lovering, Angela Gilbert, Tom Reddy
2009: Jean James, David Lovering, Italo Basiletti, Glyn Thomas
2008: Joan MacDougall, Betty Prentice, Isabel Evans, Geoff Evans
2007: Ann Walters, Brian Rich, Susan Brooks, Mike Drake
2006: Olga Jinks, Edgar Jinks, Nick Huggett, Ken Richardson
2005: Steve Webb, Tim Barsby, Mike Cronly, David Hay
2004: Val Stoyle, Glyn Thomas, Mike Cronly, David Hay
2003: not run
2002: Maggie Pierce, John Glubb, Jean James, David Lovering
2001: Teresa Goss, Jean Flynn, Susan Brooks, Mike Drake
2000: Margaret Jones, Babs Dunford, Dorothy Gilbert, Jean Gamblin

Isabel Evans Summer Ladder:

2020: Not held due to Covid
2019: (scratch): 1st Gwynn Davis; 2nd David Teague; 3rd Geoff Evans
2018: (scratch): 1st Sue Ingham; 2nd Gwynn Davis: 3rd Ian Evans
2017: (scratch): 1st Gwynn Davis, 2nd Sue Ingham, 3rd Chris Rochelle
2016: (scratch): 1st Gwynn Davis, 2nd Sue Ingham, 3rd Chris Rochelle
2015: (scratch): 1st Gwynn Davis, 2nd John Glubb, 3rd Chris Rochelle
2014: (scratch): 1st Isabel Evans, 2nd Sue Ingham, 3rd Gwynn Davis
2013: (scratch): =1st Steve Webb & Peter Dutton; 3rd Trish Tracey
2012: (scratch): =1st Geoff & Isabel Evans; 3rd Ken Richardson
2011: (scratch): 1st Sharon Winter; =2nd Geoff & Isabel Evans
2010: (scratch): =1st Geoff & Isabel Evans; 3rd Sharon Winter
2009: (scratch): 1st Ken Richardson; 2nd Isabel Evans; 3rd Sharon Winter
Cardiff Winter League Winners:
2020-21: Not held due to Covid
2019-20: Mike Best, Mark Roderick, Tony Disley, Rob Charlesworth, Kevin Maddox & John Beard
2018-19: Mike Best, Aida Aris, Tony Disley, Mark Roderick, Rob Charlesworth & Kevin Maddox
2017-18: Filip & Diane Kurbalija, John Salisbury, Tony Ratcliff, Simon Richards & Julian Pottage
2016-17: Filip & Diane Kurbalija, John Salisbury, Tony Ratcliff, Simon Richards, Julian Pottage, Laura Woodruff & Pat Shields
2015-16: Filip & Diane Kurbalija, John Salisbury, Tony Ratcliff, Simon Richards & Julian Pottage
2014-15: Filip & Diane Kurbalija, John Salisbury, Tony Ratcliff, Simon Richards & John Beard
2013-14: Mark Roderick, Mike Best, Tony Disley and Roger Penton
2012-13: Filip & Diane Kurbalija, John Salisbury, Mike Tedd, Peter Goodman, Tony Ratcliff
2011-12: David Birt, Geoff Evans, Philip Felman, Trevor Towers
2010-11: Filip Kurbalija, Diane Kurbalija, John Salisbury, Mike Tedd
2009-10: David Birt, Geoff Evans, Philip Felman, Trevor Towers, Isabel Evans
2008-09: David Birt, Geoff Evans, Philip Felman, Trevor Towers
Italo Basiletti Mens' Pairs:
2021: Steve Webb & Tim Barsby
2020: Not held due to Covid
2019: Gwynn Davis & Chris Rochelle
2018: Mike Hirst & Mike Pownall 
2017: Steve Webb & Tim Barsby
2016: John Glubb & Chris Rochelle
Italo Basiletti Ladies' Pairs:
2021: Jean Board & Caroline Steele
2020: Not held due to Covid
2019: Ann Hirst & Helen Houston
2018: Sarah Amos & Nalini Dewan
2017: Anna-Marie O'Brien & Margaret Harrop
2016: Anna-Marie O'Brien & Margaret Harrop
Summer Pro-Am:
2020: Not held due to Covid
2019: Angela Gilbert
2018: Angela Gilbert
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