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Please come join our Virtual Club games. All are welcome! The week of May 25-31st all BBO Virtual Club games will award only silver points at 3X the normal rate. This applies to every virtual game on our schedule for that week.  Cost of all games will go up to $6 to cover our increase in table fees to the ACBL. In addition to all the games posted above, a Sunday game will be added at 2pm on May 31st. If ever there is a week you want to play, this is it! Hope to see you all! smiley  

 To go to a recording of the class that Kevin taught on Zoom last night about 1NT bidding, just click here:1NT Recording. The password you need to type in is Akron107+Canton213

The recording of the second lesson Play of the Hand can be accessed by clicking here: Play of the Hand. The password you need to type in is: 0H!##8^=

The recording for the third lesson can be accessed by clicking here:Promotion and Length. The password you need to type in is : Kevin+May20

 If you are new to BBO and need some help, here are some written instructions that you can view and print out to get you started: BBO Help.pdf You can also click here to watch some free videos. BBO Videos . Please call Amy at 330-671-4936 if you need help. 

News Flash : Kevin is offering online bridge classes to all those who are interested. The classes will be taught via zoom every Wednesday night beginning Wed May 6th at 6:30pm and are free.  They continue with the lessons that he has been offering Thursday nights in the Audrey Grant series. If you would like an invitation to any of these classes please email Kevin at Here are the topics that will be taught:

Wednesday May 27th at 6:30pm - Developing Tricks - the Finesse : Click here to join that lesson - The Finesse

Bridge Base Online is a fun way to play bridge and stay connected to your own club members.  We now have a long list of players who play on BBO.  To view or to print their user names please click here: BBO User Names Unit 213 &107


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Amy Goddard

Welcome to Canton McKinley Bridge Unit 213
Silver Linings Week - May 25th - 31st

BBO Online Games - Triple Silver Points for only $6.00 - 1 Week Only

Monday : HOF Game - Canton, Ohio - 6:30pm
Tuesday : Quirk & Canton DBC - 6:30pm
Wednesday : Quirk & Canton DBC - 12:30pm
Thursday: Quirk & Canton DBC - 6:30pm

Friday: Quirk & Canton DBC - 10:30am  ( 0-100 MP Game) 
Saturday : Quirk & Canton DBC -  12:00pm  

Sunday : HOF Game - Canton, Ohio - 2:00pm - Extra Game May 31st

BBO Online

Here are some NEW Helpful Hints for navigating your way around BBO and playing in our games.Helpful Hints for Playing on BBO.pdf  Here are also some free videos: Help with BBO . More free videos are available under the Unit News column.  Please make sure that if you are on BBO and are playing in these games to register your ACBL player number.  That is necessary to have your points added to your total.

To play in these games on BBO you log on with your user name and password. They are located under the section that says "Featured Areas."  Click on the third heading below "Virtual Clubs" and then click on" ACBL - North America.  In the pending tournaments below look for the titles listed above - HOF Game - Canton, Ohio on Monday at 6:30pm and Quirk & Canton DBC on the other days. Click on that title and a menu will pop up that will allow you to register in the game. Even easier than that is to just type in HOF in the search bar at the top. Both you and your partner have to be on BBO at the same time to register, but you can then log off and come back closer to game time.  You can register 2 hours before the game starts and it helps our directors if you do that. There is also an area where you can click on Partnership Desk and add your name. Make sure to click "I will pay for only myself and then if you are online someone can look in there and invite you to play. If you have trouble registering or are blocked please call Amy at 330-671-4936 on Monday or Kevin at 330-466-0318 on the other days. Looking forward to seeing you all in these games until such a time when we can play again in our club. 

Hand Reviews by Dick Early Following Tuesday Night BBO Game

Dick Early has generously volunteered to do a Zoom meeting on Tuesday nights following the Tuesday Quirk - Canton DBC Game at 6:30pm.  He will review all of the hands that were just played. An invitation to this zoom meeting will appear on your chat during the final round of that game.  Those who wish to participate just have to click on that link to be part of his review session on Zoom. . You will also have to opportunity to ask questions if you have your microphone on. This is a great opportunity for some free education from a local expert in Bridge! For last nights recording on zoom of Dick's review of the hands played, please click here: Dick's Review of May 19th Hands  The password you need to put in is : Dick+May20

Dick Early will also start teaching a monthly lesson for everyone on zoom beginning on Tuesday June 2nd at 5pm. In order to attend that lesson, all you need to do is click here:Tuesday at 5pm with Dick. If you miss it, the sessions will be recorded and that link will be provided here after his first lesson. 

June by Lottie Brown Allen

Oh what is more sweet than the month of June
When our senses thrill and our hearts keep tune
To the song of the birds and the rose in bloom?

Oh what is more joy than the early gray 
Of the dewy morn and the sun's first ray
That herald the dawn of a perfect day?

Oh what is more fair as the sun climbs high 
Than the azure hue of the summer sky
And the snow-white clouds drifting idly by?

Oh what is more pure than the summer air
That wafts from the woodlands and gardens fair
A fragrance an perfume so rich and rare?

Oh what is more dear than the twilight hour
When the daylight fades and each nodding flower 
is kissed by the moonbeams' mystic power?

O, Summer Queen you are gone too soon
With your sunny days and your shining moon,
With you golden grain and your wealth of bloom,

And if we could hold in some magic way
To your trailing robes for a single day,
Dear month of June, we would bid you stay.

Please Don't Cheat

As in any bridge game, cheating in an online bridge game is prohibited.  Do not share any private information about your hand with your partner or anyone else.  Discussion via phone, video, in person or any other means is not allowed.  When you play on BBO, every call and every play are recorded.  If you cheat online, you WILL get caught.  In addition to player reports by BBO, there are automatic surveillance tools to alert the game operators of potential cheating.  If a player is found to be cheating in an ACBL game, the club will bar that player from BBO. In addition to this, the player may be subject to discipline under the ACBL Code of Disciplinary Regulations.  Both the ACBL and BBO are doing everything possible to maintain the integrity of these online games, so please don't cheat.  You are only cheating yourself. 



May 28, 2020
Quirk & Canton DBC - Silver points X 3
BBO Online 6:30pm
May 29, 2020
Quirk & Canton 0-100 Game - Silver points x 3
BBO Online 10:30am
May 30, 2020
Quirk & Canton DBC - Silver points X 3
BBO Online
12:00 noon
May 31, 2020
HOF Game - Canton, Ohio - Silver Points x 3
BBO Online 2:00pm
June 1, 2020
HOF Game - Canton, Ohio
BBO Online 6:30 pm
Quirk & Canton DBC - Silver points X 3
Quirk & Canton DBC - Silver points X 3