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If you know anyone in the Canterbury area who might wish to learn to play or improve their bridge, do let them know about us.



Welcome to Canterbury Bridge Teachers


Come and enjoy learning to play bridge.  Discover what has captivated 50 million players around the world.

The Bridge for All teaching programmes have been painstakingly designed and constructed over many years by the English Bridge Union to provide a clear and coherent introduction to the basics of both bidding and card play.

The bidding system has been derived from the widely played Acol system, the most popular system played within the UK and many other countries in the world.

Being taught a nationally accredited course by an experienced, competent and EBU qualified bridge teacher means that you will be well taught and that what you will learn will enable you to be on the same wavelength even with a partner whom you will have just met across the bridge table for the very first time.


Curtailment of Teaching Activities

Jack Reason wishes to announce that from June 2018 onwards his teaching programme will be restricted to Fast Track Beginners courses and possibly other short (up to 4 week) programmes on specific topics of interest to Improvers or players with some experience.  The Learn & Play Group sessions will continue through to the end of May following which they will cease unless some other arrangements are made to enable them to continue. 

From June onwards, the Learn & Play Group will be run by Roger Markwick.


Fast Track Beginners

The Fast Track Beginners course has been run successfully last November and again last month, January.  Students have progressed comfortably into the Learn and Play Group and there can be no doubt that it is a most effective way of getting people to the bridge table quickly with sufficient competence that will enable the learning process to continue.  More courses will be arranged as the demand arises.  The class size is limited to just four students, thus allowing the full support of the teacher for each student.  

Another course is due to run in May.


About Jack Reason

Jack Reason has been playing bridge since shortly after the advent of the Acol system and has a wealth of experience and understanding of the game.  He has been a serious bridge teacher since 2012, having first been trained by EBU then some while later being subject to formal assessment before becoming a fully qualified teaching member of EBUTA.  He recognises that bridge is a game to be played at many levels and is to be enjoyed.

Term Dates for Classes
The final session of the Learn & Play Group under the direction of Jack Reason will take place on Monday 21st May starting at the usual time of 7pm.
After that date the direction will be taken over by Roger Markwick who may be contacted either by phone 07714 575 298 or email
It is intended that the L&PG should continue with sessions running on 4th, 11th and 25th of June - note no activity on 18th June.

Scorer: Jack Reason
Scorer: Jack Reason
Scorer: Jack Reason