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BriAn software
BriAn software

Candleford Bridge chose BriAn scoring software for a number of reasons, including BriAn’s facilities for recording the bidding and a player’s notes, which might be especially useful in review sessions.  It's also a great choice for café bridge.

Candleford Bridge provides everything you need for scoring. However, you can if you want obtain your own copy of BriAn, and use it either during a session to record the score details and make your own notes, or after the session to review the hand details, scoring and other data available in the BriAn database.

The software is described and can be used on the internet at You can also install a BriAn app on your smartphone or tablet. Details are on the BrianBridge web pages.

Candleford Bridge pays the charges for use of the BriAn software in a duplicate session. You will not need to pay anything to BriAn for using the website. There are two versions of the app: one is free, the other requires payment. The free version has all the functions you need for use in or after a Candleford Bridge session.

The version that comes for a price provides additional capabilities, such as scoring your home games. If you choose that version, be aware that you are responsible for paying the price: Candleford Bridge will not pay or refund it.