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Bridge - what is it all about? (Link to teachers)

Bridge is a fun and challenging game which combines skill with fortune. Played in "tables" of four people, the rules of the game are relatively straightforward, allowing even debutantes with a few lessons under their belt to play with confidence - although becoming an expert can take a lifetime!

Bridge has changed from the early days when it was the game of choice in exclusive clubs and high society. It remains a popular social game in homes but is now also played competitively in clubs (duplicate bridge) and on the internet. Recent years have seen the development of the professional game with sponsors creating teams to vie for the world's top prizes.

Bridge is widely played throughout the world, giving an increasing number of people the opportunity to combine the pleasure of travel with the satisfaction and challenge of a game of brains and wits.

Cambs & Hunts Contract Bridge Association exists to promote the playing of bridge throughout the county of Cambridgeshire and the nearby area. We are affiliated to the English Bridge Union (EBU), itself part of the World Bridge Federation.

Learning Bridge

Learning to play bridge undoubtedly requires a certain effort in the initial stages. The rules of play are not hugely complex, but it takes a little time to commit these to memory, to become familiar with the terminology and thus to become confident at the table. On an ongoing basis, bridge is stimulating in the same way as other mind games such as chess, sudoku, crosswords - but it is a lot more social (since it requires four to play) and has far more of a psychological or human side. 

There are many opportunities for learning to play bridge. Children can learn at home in the family or at school (where there may be a club). Universities too have thriving societies.