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Garden Cities Qualifiers

The Cambs & Hunts County heat was organised and directed by Trevor King until 2017 and, currently, by Jenny Jacobsberg.

The Garden Cities Trophy is a national competition organised by the English Bridge Union. It is the inter-county championship for Club teams of 8.  More details are available on the EBU website. The winners of the County heat progress to the Regional stage of the competition.

Roll of winners of the Cambs & Hunts heat

Year Winners
2023 Paul Barden, Claire Robinson, Paul Fergarty, Catherine Curtis, Graham Hazel, Julian Wightwick, Jonathan Mestel, and Jon Cooke
2022 Graham Hazel, David Kendrick, Jonathan Mestel, Julian Wightwick, Jon Cooke, Paul Barden, Paul Fergarty, Jamie Fergarty, Liam Fergarty.
2021 Graham Hazel, David Kendrick, Jonathan Mestel, Julian Wightwick, Jon Cooke, Paul Barden, Paul Fergarty, Jamie Fergarty, Liam Fergarty.
2020 Graham Hazel, Simon Barb, Jonathan Mestel, Julian Wightwick, Jon Cooke, Paul Barden, Paul Fergarty, Catherine Curtis.
2019 Jake Dunn, Ben Tarlow, Alan Shillitoe, John Liebeschuetz, Jenny jacobsberg, Joanne Caldwell, Graham Dolan and Colin Campbell.

Peterborough (Mark and Kieran Tilley, Chris and Christina Heames, Trevor Thrower, Ufuk Cotuk,Tim Durdin and Tony Hough)

2916 Cambridge (Jon Cooke, Alan Shillitoe, Jonathan Mestel, Catherine Jagger, Adam Bowden, Victor Milman, John Liebeschuetz, Paul Barden)
2015 Cambridge (Julian Wightwick, Victor Milman, Paul Fegarty, Catherine Curtis, Paul Barden, Jonathan Mestel, Simon Barb and Mike Seaver)
2014 Cambridge (Julian Wightwick, Paul Fegarty, Cath Jagger, Jonathan Cooke, Simon Barb, Catherine Curtis, Jonathan Mestel, Mike Seaver)
2013 Cambridge (Julian Wightwick, Victor Milman, Jonathan Mestel, Jon Cooke, Rod Oakford, Mike Seaver, Paul Fegarty. Catherine Curtis)
2012 Cambridge (Julian Wightwick, Mike Seaver, Paul Fegarty, Catherine Curtis, Victor Milman, Nadia Stelmashenko, Jon Cooke, Jonathan Mestel)
2011 Cambridge (Rod Oakford, Sue Oakford, Mike Seaver, Julian Wightwick, Victor Milman, Nadia Stelmashenko, Paul Fegarty, Catherine Curtis)
2010 Peterborough A (Mark Tilley, Kieran Tilley, Karl Farquhar, Ufuk Cotuk, Marion King, Trevor King, Trevor Thrower, Chris Heames)
2009 Cambridge A (Chris Jagger, Jon Cooke, Julian Wightwick, Jonathan Mestel, Paul Fegarty, Catherine Curtis, Victor Milman, Rod Oakford)
2008 Cambridge 1 (Jonathan Mestel, Rod Oakford, Victor Milman, Dave Kendrick, Julian Wightwick, John Liebeschuetz, Paul Fegarty, Catherine Curtis)
2007 Cambridge A (Chris and Catherine Jagger, Paul Fegarty, Catherine Curtis, Victor Milman, David Kendrick, Julian Wightwick, Jonathan Mestel)
2006 Cambridge (Sheila Parker, John Liebeschuetz, Catherine Curtis, Paul Fegarty, Eric Campbell, Eryl Howard, Mike Seaver, Iain Watson)
2005 Cambridge 1 (Julian Wightwick, Sheila Parker, Jonathan Mestel, David Kendrick, Rod Oakford, Sue Oakford, Victor Milman, Nadia Stelmashenko)
2004 Cambridge 1 (Chris Jagger, Julian Wightwick, Catherine Jagger, Jonathan Mestel, Victor Milman, Nadia Stelmashenko, Rod Oakford, Don McFarlane).
2003 Cambridge University (Gareth Birdsall, Ian Greig, Toby Kenney, Teymur Tahseen, Daniel Elstein, Michael Scanlon, James Chapman, Geraint Harker).
2002 Cambridge 1 (Chris and Catherine Jagger, John Young, Julian Wightwick, David Kendrick, Rod Oakford, Ed Linfield, Alastair Brodie)
2001 Cambridge University (Gareth Birdsall, Rachel Wade, Michael Ashe, Gerard Thompson, Sonia Zakrzewski, Tony Kelly, Dafydd Jones, Jonathan Worters)
2000 Saffron Walden A (Bill Briscombe, John Constable, Chris Larlham, Ross Midgley, Jane Orde-Powlett, Kit Orde-Powlett, Peter Oxley, Fiske Warren)
1999 Cambridge A (Catherine Ashment, Chris Jagger, Axel Johannsson, Ed Linfield, Don McFarlane, Steve Siklos, Giles Woodruff, John Young)
1997 Cambridge University (Catherine Ashment, Sarah Waddington, Giles Woodruff, Julian Foster, John Green, Graham Hazel, Alistair Flutter, Lior Zivan)
1996 Cambridge University (Ed Ionides, Chris Jagger, Graham Hazel, Ed Sheldon, Giles Woodruff, Suzanne Cohen, Paul Harden, David Walker, Jon Cooke, Gareth Roberts, Julian Foster)
1995 Cambridge University (Ed Ionides, Jon Cooke, Gareth Roberts, Ed Sheldon, Julian Foster, Giles Woodruff, Suzanne Cohen, Graham Hazel)
1994 Cambridge University (Ed Linfield, Ed Ionides, Paul Barden, Jonathan Mestel, Tom Townsend, Frances Hinden, Jon Cooke, Julian Foster)
1993 Cambridge (Dave Harrison, Wim Rensink, Ann Curtin, John Turner, Martin Atherton, Gareth Roberts, Steve Siklos, Julian Wightwick)
1992 Cambridge University (Paul Barden, Jonathan Mestel, Ed Linfield, Chris Jagger, Tom Townsend, Jon Cooke, Philip Wood, Frances Hinden)
1991 Cambridge (Julian Wightwick, Steve Siklos, Dave Harrison, Axel Johnansson, John Turner, Ann Curtin, Cynthia Kirkby, Arie Schechter)
1990 Cambridge University (Ed Linfield, Jeffrey Allerton, Paul Barden, Jonathan Mestel, Chris Jagger, Daniel Burn, Philip Wood, Steve Jones)
1989 Cambridge University (Ed Linfield, J Garbutt, R Silcock, R Lawrence, Graham Osborne, Philip Wood, Jeffrey Allerton, Mike Hornung, Jonathan Mestel, Paul Barden)