Cambridge Friday Bridge Club
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Chairman           John Pearce

Secretary          Simon Wood

Treasurer          TED Shaw

Scorer             Colin Humphryes        




Code of Conduct
Cambridge Friday Bridge Club Code of Conduct

Cambridge Friday Bridge Club will foster an environment that is friendly, courteous and conducive to the enjoyment of playing a good standard of bridge.

It is expected that all members will:

  • Greet others in a friendly manner prior to the start of play on each round

  • Be particularly welcoming of visitors

  • Be polite and ensure that the bridge is enjoyable for yourself, partner and opponents

  • Enjoy the company as well as the game

  • Make their convention card readily available to their opponents

  • Give credit at the end of a hand when opponents have bid or played well

  • Refrain from criticising their partner or opponents or gloating over good results.

During the bidding it is expected that:

  • Bids that should be announced are done so quickly

  • Bids below 3NT that should not be taken at face value are alerted

  • Any questions asked about alerted bids are done so in a neutral way, e.g “Can you tell me what that means?” rather than “Is that showing clubs?”

  • Players do not make frequent unusual bids that could be classed as “psych bids”.

During the play it is expected that the person playing dummy takes a completely passive role and does not do anything that could be construed as suggesting a line of play to partner.

If there is a need to call the Director then this should be done calmly, the situation explained in a neutral way and the Director’s decision accepted without dispute.