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4th Jul 2021 20:01 BST
Welcome to the CBC results site
Welcome to the CBC results site
Here you will find all the results and competition ladders for CBC.

For general information about Cambridge Bridge Club, including news, full calendar and contact information, please visit our main website.
CBC Online Bridge Games: 04 July 2021

Until further notice, CBC will hold the following online events (on BBO unless noted otherwise):

MONDAYS,  10am: cost BB$3

TUESDAYS, 7:30pm: on Real Bridge

THURSDAYS, 10am: free

SATURDAYS, 10am: free

   The Tuesday evening games will run as MP Pairs for 11 weeks (22 June - 31 August); for the Abdelmoniem Trophy.   

   A pairs best 6 results will determine the winners.   

Our Friday afternoon game on Real Bridge has been suspended due to low attendance.

The times are fixed, but the directors may change - we'd be pleased to receive offers to direct.  It's not difficult, there are no bids out of turn, no insufficient bids, no leads out of turn, no revokes.  The main thing you have to do is adjust scores when a table times out: the system can show you the record of the bidding and play so far, and a double-dummy analysis too if you ask for it.

If you want to play and haven't played a CBC event on BBO before, please let Paul Barden ( have your BBO id, so that it can be added to the list of players who can join our events.

CBC Online Bridge: 9 April 2020

We have tried running sessions on BBO at all our usual times for "face to face" bridge for club members only.  However, the huge influx of new players on BBO means their servers are strugling to cope at busy times.  We are not permitted to run our games at peak times - 11am to 4pm New York time - thus our evening sessions are unlikely to happen.  We will experiment with daytime sessions on different days to see what proves popular.  Keep an eye on the calendar and your email for latest information.

If you are not familliar with BBO there are numerous guides to help get you started.  See this link from the Berwick Club. To restrict access to club members only, we need to know your BBO name before, ideally days before, you want to play your first session.  Once you are on the "include list" you should be fine.  Peter (pgrice)

Coronavirus Update: 15 March 2020


You will be aware of many cancellations nationally and internationally aimed at slowing the spread of coronavirus.

Today the EBU issued new advice, postponing various national events, and advising counties to postpone county events.

Its advice to clubs was less forthright, but it's clear that it sees bridge events generally as being too risky to continue with for the time being.

The Cambridge Club Committee has discussed this urgently, and has decided, with regret, that we should stop meeting face to face to play bridge, with immediate effect.

We regret also the short notice, but it did not seem right to take the risk of continuing for a few more days.

We are pursuing the possibility of holding club sessions online.  Of course, we are not the only club to have this idea, and online providers are swamped, so it may take a little while to get this going.

In the meantime, we suggest that you register with BridgeBaseOnline, at - it's free.  You can easily and immediately play with friends, comparing your scores with anyone else who's played the never-ending stream of boards provided.  You're welcome to use the club mailing lists to set up online games.

My user name on BBO is aardv - do say hello there.

The Committee will keep you informed of developments during the period of suspension, and we look forward to meeting again in the future, with renewed enjoyment of playing face-to-face.

There will be decisions to be made about those club competitions which would normally continue until the AGM.  Our inclination is to provide some sessions to allow the season to be completed, but we will have to see what the practicalities are when the period of suspension ends. 

With best wishes on behalf of all the Committee

Paul Barden

15 March 2020

CBC - brief information

We play four times a week:

Monday mornings at 10.00am, Village Hall, High Street, Trumpington. Click here for map

Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm, Village Hall, High Street, Trumpington. Click here for map

Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm, St. Andrew's Hall, St. Andrew's Road, Chesterton. Click here for map

Thursday mornings at 10:00am, Village Hall, High Street, Trumpington. Click here for map

Players are requested to arrive at least 5 mins before the start of each evening and to assist in setting out the equipment. Please fill up tables in sequence from table 1, to help the Director to start promptly. 

Table money:  

Members: £2.50        Visitors:  £3.50

Student Members:  £1.00          Student visitors:  £1.50

To assist the person collecting table money, please try to have the correct change. Visitors are welcome at both venues. There is an additional fee for charity and simultaneous events.

The Club holds a number of regular competitions throughout the year.

The "Butler Pairs" Championship for the Jacobs Shield:
The Jacobs Shield is awarded to the pair with the best 4 out of 8 scores

Club Individual Championship for the Roy Cradock Bowl: Qualifying rounds are held each month on the first Tuesday and fourth Wednesday of most months from May to April. The Roy Cradock Bowl is awarded to the player with the best 6 percentage scores with 6 different partners.

Club Teams of Four League for the Collis Plate: Held on the third Tuesday of each month (fourth in January) from September to April.  The winners are the team with the 5 best scores. Teams may have a maximum of 6 nominated players who may play for only one team during the year.
Summer Pairs Ladder for the Abdelmoneim Trophy:  Duplicate pairs are held every Tuesday and Wednesday in May, June, July and August. The trophy is awarded to the pair with the best five scores with the same partner. (Cradock Trophy heats are excluded)

Club Pairs Championship: Played over two sessions.

Mixed Pairs: Club Mixed Pairs Championship for the Thomas Kirkby Trophy.

Club Teams of Four Championship for the Marie Johnson Trophy

May Pamplin Handicap Teams: 

Swiss Pairs for the Wraight Cup Played over two sessions.

Equinox Handicap Plate
This event takes place twice a year close to the spring and autumn Equinoxes. Pairs will be given combined handicaps based on the average of all their scores at duplicate pairs in the previous 6 months (Scaled if less than 6).

On Only Club members are eligible for trophies and/or prizes in the ten named events.


Members interested in playing in any of the Inter-Club teams events i.e. Cambs & Hunts League (teams of four), NICKO (teams of 4 National) or Garden Cities (teams of 8, within County) should inform the Club Captain, Julian Wightwick.
Thu 21st October 2021
CBC Thursday Pairs
Director: Peter Grice
Sat 23rd October 2021
CBC Online Pairs
Director: Vic Morris
Mon 25th October 2021
CBC Online Pairs
CAH Online Pairs
Director: Peter Grice
CBC Online Pairs
Director: Rosemary Tate
CBC Online Pairs
Director: Michele Conway
Scored by: Vic Morris