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Constitution of Camborne Bridge Club
  1. NAME:  
    • The Club shall be called Camborne Bridge Club.  
  2. AIMS:
    • The club’s aim shall be to promote Duplicate Contract Bridge in a friendly welcoming atmosphere, whilst abiding by the Laws and Ethics as recommended by the English Bridge Union (E.B.U.). 
    • The club will be affiliated to the Cornwall Contract Bridge Association (C.C.B.A.) and the E.B.U.  
    • Membership shall be open to all who support the aims of the Club, subject to adequate playing facilities.  Applicants for membership should complete the appropriate form.  The committee shall consider applications at the earliest opportunity.  
    • The committee shall consist of three Officers (Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer) and three other elected members. The Committee may co-opt members at their discretion.  All Committee members shall retire at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) but shall be eligible for re-election.  Voting at the AGM will be by secret ballot.  
    • The committee will formulate rules for the efficient and harmonious running of the club.  These rules may be varied by resolutions of the members at a General Meeting, provided that such a resolution is not in conflict with the Constitution.  A quorum at meetings of the committee shall be four members, which must include at least one Officer.  
    • The AGM will normally be held on the fourth Monday in November.  Any member may propose a motion to be discussed, provided that written notice is given to the Secretary at least two weeks beforehand.  
      •  A) Special General Meeting (SGM) may be called by the Committee at any time.  It must also be convened, in response to a reasoned, written requested by ten or more members, within one month of the Secretary receiving such a request.  A quorum at General Meetings shall be at least one third of the membership. 
  8. NOTICES:  
    • Notices of AGM and SGM must be displayed on the Club Notice Board, as well as being announced on club evenings, for a minimum of two weeks beforehand.
    •  Nominations for the Committee shall be in writing and should be signed by the appropriate proposer and seconder, as well as the nominee.  Nominations should be made no later than two weeks prior to the AGM. 
    • These shall be proposed by the Committee and decided at the AGM.  Members should pay subscriptions by December 31st.  New members should pay within one month of their applications being approved.   
  11.  ACCOUNTS:  
    • The Committee shall appoint an Auditor to examine the financial affairs of the Club for the year ending October 31st.  The audited accounts shall be presented to the AGM for approval. 
    • Guests and visitors will be welcomed, providing that they support the aims of the Club, pay the appropriate fee and that there are adequate playing facilities. 
  13. CONDUCT:  
    • Appropriate standards of behaviour are expected of members, visitors and guests.  If necessary, the Committee may reprimand or suspend an offender, subject to any appeal to the Laws and Ethics Committee of the C.C.B.A. 
  14. WINDING UP:  
    • If a resolution is passed that the Club shall be wound up, the Committee shall ensure that the material assets of the Club are made available to the C.C.B.A for the development of the game.  After all expenses and debts have been paid, the remaining funds should be distributed equally among the current members. 
    •  No alteration shall be made to this constitution except at an AGM or SGM.