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EBU for Improvers

Play online with BBO in a relaxed session on a Wednesday afternoon. Click the link below or look at the new ebed website also shown below. 

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Meena Samani runs frequent lessons / courses - next planned will appear here

Please book via the Fun 2 Play Bridge website:   HERE

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We shall shortly be commencing our new Improvers Course and we would be grateful for your help. An important part of the course will be providing the students with practice hands, and we would like to have table advisers to help with both the bidding and the play, and also to assist them to follow the rules of etiquette required for playing in a club environment.

The course will be held on Tuesday afternoons. starting on 10th October. Ideally we should like three volunteers for each session. If you are interested in becoming involved in this exciting new project please could you let us know by Friday 29th September.

Please advise of any dates when you would be available and also give an indication of how frequently you would be willing to take part. This will enable us to produce a rota to cover the period up until Christmas.