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Play online with BBO in a relaxed session on a Wednesday afternoon. Click the link below or look at the new ebed website also shown below. 

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Camberley Bridge Club has established an Improvers’ Programme.

For information or queries, please e-mail:

It is aimed at people who have received a year or more’s teaching, and are now interested in further improving their bridge. We now want to help you to develop your skills in both bidding and, crucially, card play. We will start many sessions with a presentation on a topic (usually no more than 45 minutes) followed by card play, which will help you practice the ideas we had introduced. Other sessions will be wholly card play, trying to apply the various ideas we had put forward in previous sessions. At all sessions, there will be a few experienced bridge players who will be available to answer questions on the bidding or card play.

There will be a varying degree of experience among the participants but an indication of the expected level of tuition would be that the bidding classes would go beyond that contained in the No Fear Bridge crib sheet with which you may be familiar. We do not intend to go into very complex new conventions but will cover the most common.

The sessions are being held at Camberley Cricket Club’s pavilion in Upper Verran Road, Camberley GU15 2JL. They are held on Tuesday afternoons from 2.15pm until 4.30. There is a fee of £50 per course payable by bank transfer once the current course is accepted..

Please Register by completing the form on the Improvers Application Page

Direct link to form HERE