Following bridge Summer Party at 5pm
BBO Duplicate - Charity week, table money to PTH
F2F CCC - Charity week, table money to PTH
BBO Duplicate
Wanborough Cup teams final
Fri 21st June 2024
F2F CCC - Charity week, table money to PTH
Director: Jeff Stone
Scorer: Sylvia Skiba
Host: Vic Davies
Mon 24th June 2024
F2F CCC - Monday Club Championship 6/10
Director: David Pinder
Scorer: Alan Coales
Host: Alan Coales
Thu 27th June 2024
BBO Duplicate
Director: John Gatrell
Scorer: Ian Lewis
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How to use Bridgepads


The BridgePad scoring system speeds up the production of results and helps to eliminate errors in the recording of the scores.   Like every system, it needs to be used properly to get the best results, so here are some guidelines to help things run smoothly: 

  • Do not use the BridgePad  until asked to do so by the Director/Scorer

  • Learn and remember your club membership number which has to be input at the beginning of each session

  • The pad should normally be operated by North, but any player can operate it if desired

  • The operator should input the contract and lead before playing the hand.

  • After entering the result (tricks made), the operator must present the device to one of the opponents to validate the entry and the resulting score by pressing the  next key for transmission

  • This is the most important step of all. check the entries.

  • The electronic traveller will then be available for both pairs to view

  • When the hands for the round are finished make sure that the bridgepad is displaying  the “move to” screen.

  • Do not worry if the screen goes blank – it has gone to “sleep” to conserve the battery. Press “power” to restore.

  • If an error has been made that cannot be corrected on the Bridgepad, or if there is some other problem that affects the score, tell the scorer and then enter details of the problem in the Logbook provided.

Special Situations:

  • The ERRor key may be used to correct results in all hands of the current move. Remember to pass the BridgePad to your opponents to check.
  • A result for a passed hand must be entered using the PASS key:  a passed hand does count as played.
  • Press NP/LP twice (late play) if time pressure means that play of the hand is to be deferred to the end of the session.
  • Press NP/LP once (no play) if director awarded score is to be made. (Consult Director).
  • Finally if you are not sure of anything PLEASE ask the Director/Scorer.