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Play online with BBO in a relaxed session on a Wednesday afternoon. Click the link below or look at the new ebed website also shown below. 

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COVID-19 Rules for F2F

The following Covid precautions will be introduced:

  1. Attending players should not attend if they are suffering from any infections – whether Covid, flu or colds.
  2. Attending players should only attend if they have received two Covid inoculations.
  3. Masks will not be required, but players are welcome to wear them.
  4. Players will need to use hand gel on entrance to the bridge room and gel will be available for optional use on each table.
  5. Bidding boxes are available, but players wanting sole use during play are welcome to bring their own
  6. Only North will touch the Bridge Tab.
  7. We will spread out tables as much as possible.
  8. Windows (and possibly doors) will be open throughout sessions to ensure ventilation.
  9. We will not collect cash at all in future – we will use a card reader to accept table money by credit or debit card – please see below.   Similarly, annual subscriptions may be paid only by Bank transfer.
  10. We will not provide any refreshments – you are welcome to bring hot or cold drinks, and biscuits.

Your committee has decided to make our club a cashless club.  Our treasurer, Vee , has sourced a mobile credit card machine that we will be using. The machine is like what you will find in any shop and accepts contactless payments from all major credit and debit cards and, for those who use them, Apple or Google Pay. 

Table money will be collected on entering the clubroom and you can pay for your partner or the whole table if you wish.  The amount will be entered into the machine and then a quick tap of the card and the payment is made. If you are not happy with contactless, the machine has the facility to insert the card and then enter their PIN to make payment. Vee will then get the authorisation and that's it.