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The Club is closed for all sessions until further notice.

EBU for Improvers

To all our improver and novice players. The EBU haven’t forgotten you. 

With online bridge becoming the ‘new normal’ there is an opportunity for you to play online with BBO in a relaxed session on a Wednesday afternoon. There are opportunities to ask questions about bidding and play and also a post play Zoom session to analyse the hands. With our own face to face sessions on hold this seems an ideal opportunity to mimic supervised play sessions. Click the link below or look at the new ebed website also shown below. 

EBU Link

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Online Lessons

Why Play Bridge? What makes Bridge brilliant?

The video aims to highlight the many reasons why bridge is a mind-sport worth learning and playing

3 Counties Bridge now have an environment where they can encourage people to take up the game of Bridge

Please click on Taster Session to attend a free Taster Session

Meena Samani, who runs the Fun 2 Play Bridge club, has put together a programme of online lessons on Wed mornings and the themes and topics are in a PDF (Click HERE to Open).

Meena is running a new programme of lessons each Wed morning at 9:45 am starting from Wed 6 Jan.  The overall themes are Duplicate Tactics, additional Declarer Play topics, advanced competitive bidding and the Jacoby and Multi-Landy conventions. The full list of topics can be found HERE

The costs and booking HERE

Please add Camberley or Yateley & Hawley in the comments field for the discounted rate of £75 for any 8 topics.