supervised play
F2F CCC - Monday Club Championship 6/10
F2F CCC - Charity week, table money to PTH
BBO Duplicate - Charity week, table money to PTH
F2F CCC - Charity week, table money to PTH
BBO Duplicate
Thu 27th June 2024
BBO Duplicate
Director: John Gatrell
Scorer: Ian Lewis
Fri 28th June 2024
Director: John Kilner
Scorer: Alan Coales
Host: Wanted
Mon 1st July 2024
Director: Mike Griffin
Scorer: Ian lewis
Host: Wanted
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As websites grow, they can be daunting to navigate and find what you are after.  This page has been set-up to help guide you through the key areas and what they represent.

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Where & When Details on when we play, where we play, timings and contact details
Contact Us Click any of the links within this page to e-mail various committee members
Information Guides and Documents to help:  

CBC Privacy Policy - GDPR Policy

Members Account Guide - Guide on how to login and what to do with your account

Bridge Tabs Guide - Quick guide on how to use the Tabs (the scoring equipment we use)

CBC External Teams - Summary of the teams we play in and what they represent

Camberley News - News items

EBU Law Change 2017 - Key law changes that started in 2017

Aug17 New Strong 2s Rules - Key change to Strong 2 bids

CBC Bank Details - Bank details to pay Subs etc via Internet Banking

Annual Master Points Lists - Listing for Master Points earned each year

Surrey Lists - Defined list

Berks Lists - Defined list

Hants Lists - Defined list

CBC Rota List of events per day and who is Directing and Scoring
Find A Partner If you need a partner for a session, why not advertise for one here?  Failing that, see if there is a host for that session or even BE the host
Hosting Use this to see who is hosting and click a session to add yourself as a Host (use your EBU number)  There is a guide to Hosting under the calendar or HERE
Calendar See what events are coming up, the most recent are on the right of the home page also
Results See the results for sessions played, the most recent are on the right of the home page also - there are also summaries per Individual and Pair and you can check your own personal analysis too
Competitions See all current competitions results from here and also a summary of the Trophies we play for.  Summaries of prior year, rules and X-Imps (for Teams analysis by Pair) also within this menu
Roll of Honour See the Current and Prior Year Winners as a summary and also the history per Trophy.  Clicking on the links at the top of this page will take you directly to the Trophy history and clicking the header will take you back to the top.
Members Only Click here to login to your account.  From here you can view e-mail and phone numbers of members who allow their details to be shared (within the club only) and important club documents.
Club Management View the Committee (and email them) plus Articles, Rules, Key Holders, Contacts, Etiquette and Convention Cards to download.
EBU News Click here to see the latest news from the EBU and rules on alerting, announcing and changes of rules
Player Stats See the current Ranks and NGS of members (who allow this to be public)
Bridge Journal See a summary of the week so far plus prior weeks and the week coming up from here including links to results or details of future events