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Hand Record 23rd May

Apologies - We do not have the hand file for Monday 23rd May.

EBU for Improvers

Play online with BBO in a relaxed session on a Wednesday afternoon. Click the link below or look at the new ebed website also shown below. 

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Meena Samani is running a course on agreeing key items in a partnership convention card and duplicate tactics.
Please book via the Fun 2 Play website: HERE
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Chairmans Shield Rules
Camberley BC Rules for the Teams of Four Competition
  1. The Teams series will run bimonthly from January to November. There will therefore be six team events in the competition, usually on the first Thursday of odd months.

  2. Each team may consist of four to six club members. Where more than six players take part in a team over the course of the competition, the final composition of the team will be decided by the combination of six players which gives the best results, subject to rule 3 below.

  3. No player may be counted as a member of more than one team. Anyone who plays in more than one team over the season will usually be deemed to be a member of the team in which they play most often. Note that such a player will not necessarily remain a member of the team for which they first play.

  4. Any team on a given night which does not meet the definition of a “valid” team, according to rules 2 and 3 above, can play as normal, with members receiving masterpoints as appropriate. However, such a team will provisionally count as a “non-valid” team for the purpose of the competition. Note that an initially non-valid team may subsequently become valid. This could happen if, for example, a player switches from their first team to play more often for a second team or a visitor plays 3 times in the season and is accepted as a paid member of the club.

  5. The competition will be won by the team which has the best four IMPs as a cumulative total.

  6. The winning team will hold the Chairman’s Shield. This team, or four members from it, will represent Camberley BC in the Wanborough Cup in the following season. The Wanborough Cup allows substitution(s) if the top team(s) cannot attend.