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Club Rules
Club Rules

CBC Club Rules April 2016

1. Playing Sessions Programme

The Club’s weekly playing schedule and a diary of fixtures is included in the Club Planner & Membership Booklet and on the Club’s Website. (

Duplicate sessions commence 7.25pm on Mondays and Thursdays and at 1.25pm on Fridays.   Intending players for Duplicate sessions are expected to arrive no later than 10 minutes before the scheduled start time in order to allow the Director and Timekeeper time to establish the table arrangement and type of movement. The Director may exclude from play those who arrive too late. Members are also expected to assist with the setting up and clearing away of the playing facilities and not to leave cups and glasses in the playing area.  Partners. Members attending sessions are expected to have pre-arranged partners. Where a member does not have a partner, focus for temporary partnership arrangements is on the “Find-a-Partner” facility on the Website.

2. Playing Etiquette - Rules and Directives:

Club sessions are played in accordance with English Bridge Union (EBU) Rules and Directives. Members are expected to help maintain a convivial atmosphere at the Club but should strive to ensure that proper standards are maintained and that established etiquette is followed. In particular there should be no criticism of playing performance, raised voices or extended post mortems of boards that have been played.

Scoring: EBU Scoring shall apply.

Disputes. The Director is the sole arbiter.

Slow Play. At duplicate in particularly slow play at one table can affect the enjoyment of all the other members at the session. Prior to the commencement of play the Director shall announce or display target times for each round.   Where these times are persistently exceeded the Director may show the offending pair the 'Slow Play' warning and offer a timing facility. If a table falls behind by more than one board the Director may rule that the last board at that table will not be played and will normally award an average score to both pairs.   Remedies for excessive and continuing slow play may also be sought under Article 5 of the Club’s Articles of Association.

3. Guests.

Members may invite guests to Club sessions but are responsible that their guests have playing partners for the session and are aware of the rules and etiquette of play. Table money charges for guests will be set by the Committee.  Members wishing to introduce more that two guests to a session should obtain the prior agreement of a Committee

member.   Where there is limited seating capacity members shall take priority over guests.

4. Dress Code. The dress code is 'smart informal'.

5. Session Directors.

All Duplicate sessions shall be managed by a Director whose decision in all matters of play shall be final. If however a member who is an approved Club Director is present, an unresolved dispute may be referred to him/her. If a decision is given it shall be considered final.  A Session Director is not required to pay Table Money.

6. Key holders

A list of Club Key holders, with contact information, is included in the Club Management Section of the website.

7. Trophy Competitions. (See Planner for playing dates)

David Withers Cup DWC Pairs Derek Cooper Cup DCP Individual

Crockery Cup CRC Teams of Four Chairman’s Shield CHS Teams of Four

Hazel Willis Cup HWC Chicago Maureen Millar Salver MMS Chicago

Club Championship C.CH Pairs over 10 evenings Ken Moore Tankard KMT Club master points

John Warren Goblet JWG Pairs over 2 evenings, qualifier & final rounds

Members' Plate MP Pairs not qualified in first evening of JWG.

Greta Clark Cup GCP Pairs

8. External Competitions

League Competitions. The club sponsors, or has sponsored, teams bearing the Club name (e.g. 'Camberley A') into the Bracknell Bridge League and Surrey CBA league (Teams of Four) and Berks and Bucks League (Eight). Members wishing to take part in such competitions should contact the Secretary.  

Charity Week. The Club currently designates a "Charity Week". All table money received during this week (optionally augmented from Club funds) is contributed to a sponsored charity.

9. Use of Club Facilities

The Club provides facilities for members to avail themselves of refreshment during sessions. It is the responsibility of members using these facilities to ensure that the facilities are not misused and items that they use are cleaned and put away.

10. Health and Safety

Members must not, by neglect or action, cause a health or safety hazard to other members. In particular, if a member is suffering from an infectious or contagious condition, they should not attend Club sessions until fully recovered.  A First Aid Box is kept by the Club. Members requiring first aid facilities should seek the assistance of a Committee member.  In accordance with the law, smoking is not permitted within the premises.

11. Club Meetings & Proposals/Motions

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will normally be held in November. A list of candidates for election to the Committee will be displayed on the Club Notice Board for at least 14 days before the AGM. Members wishing to stand for election should add their names, together with those of their proposer and seconder. Names may not be added without the consent of the candidate.

Members wishing to add a motion to an AGM or EGM agenda must inform the Secretary at least 14 days prior to the meeting. Motions that are proposed and seconded from the floor may, at the discretion of the Chairman, be added to the agenda.

The Financial Year will run from 1 October to 30 September. Subs will therefore become due on 1 October subject to membership fees remaining the same. If a change is to be proposed at the forthcoming AGM, the collection of subs  will be delayed until after the AGM.

The Club Committee will meet at least 4 times between AGMs. Members wishing to introduce discussion items for a meeting agenda should advise the Secretary in writing at least 14 days prior to the meeting. Late items may be added to the agenda at the Chairman’s discretion.

Members may attend Committee meetings as observers but may not speak unless invited. Where the discussion subject is considered to be sensitive the Chairman may choose to hold the meeting in camera.

12. Club Planner and Membership List.

A Club Planner and Membership List will be provided to each member annually. Directors and Key holders shown for specific Club sessions are responsible for arranging substitutes if they are unable to attend.

13. Club Internet Facilities.

The Club web pages may be accessed at You will find the Club’s Articles on this site also.