BBO Duplicate
BBO Duplicate
Mon 22nd April 2024
F2F CCC - Monday Club Championship 4/10
Director: David Pinder
Scorer: Ian Lewis
Host: Wanted
Thu 25th April 2024
BBO Duplicate
Director: John Gatrell
Scorer: Ian Lewis
Fri 26th April 2024
Director: Jeff Stone
Scorer: Sylvia Skiba
Host: Wanted

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Bridge Etiquette
Amendments to Club Rules - Etiquette/Rules

To ensure maximum enjoyment for all players, please take note of our protocol.

  • Please be seated before 7.25 (1.25 afternoon) when director will set the movement.
  • Phones should be turned off or set to vibrate only
  • It is usually north’s responsibility to manage the table, including verification of the boards, confirmation of the opponents, recording of the results and passing boards to the next table.  It is advisable, however, for both pairs to check the table card, particularly in one-winner movements, to ensure they are playing the correct boards and sitting at the right table.
  • All members should comply with the normal practices of good manners throughout the evening, remembering to greet and thank opponents and refrain from discussing previous hands.
  • Pairs are strongly recommended to have identically completed system cards. It is also a club requirement that each pair completes a score card in case of need by the director and/or scorer.
  • Cards should be counted face down, and the Board in play must remain in the middle of the table and pointing in the right direction. Cards must be shuffled after play before returning them to the board.
  • You may only ask the partner of a bidder questions when it is your turn to bid and only when the meaning will genuinely affect your decision to bid.  You are, however, entitled to ask for a full explanation of all calls after the auction has ended and before the opening lead is faced.
  • Bidding cards shouldn’t be put away until after the initial lead (always face down first to allow questions from partner) has been tabled. Please make your lead before recording the contract on score cards or BridgePad.  Dummy should also table his/her cards before recording the contract. 
  • If you have finished your play and others haven’t, please be respectfully quiet.  Long postmortems should not be held unless you are well ahead and then speak quietly so others can’t overhear.
  • If time allows, please share the BridgePad results with all players at the table.
  • Players should remain in their seat and move tables only when directors call the movement.  If you are still playing when director calls, dummy should pass completed boards to the next table.  Please then score and move on quickly when you have finished.
  • Please support and be extra patient with newer or less experienced players.
  • Any scoring errors must be reported to the director or scorer and then entered in the Red Book, taking a careful note of what details are required as shown on the front of the book.
  • It is the director’s job to ensure that the evening runs fairly and smoothly, and within EBU rules so please call the director if there are ANY problems. If Dummy notices infringements during play, he/she must call the director only after the end of play, not during it. 
  • When movements require a change in playing positions, it is requested that players swivel rather than turning boards to help prevent results being entered incorrectly.  Players with restricted mobility may claim exemption to this, but great care must be taken to ensure the results are correctly recorded.
  • Psyche bidding, while not illegal is, however, not encouraged at our club
  • Please be aware how slow play affects the timing of the movement and other players.  Don’t start a new board if the timer or the director (3 minutes from the end) has indicated that “No new boards” should be played.  Late boards may be played at the end of the evening. 
  • To speed play, as declarer, if all the remaining tricks are yours, please claim (with a clear explanation) rather than play the cards out.

It is the aim of the club for members to enjoy the play and the company.