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Play online with BBO in a relaxed session on a Wednesday afternoon. Click the link below or look at the new ebed website also shown below. 

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Meena Samani runs frequent lessons / courses - next planned will appear here

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Hosts Guide
Host Pilot and Guide

The Club operates a Hosting system to allow members and visitors without a partner to attend sessions with a guarantee of a game if there is a host.

The scheme is voluntary, but the committee hopes that most members will offer themselves as Host once or twice a year, which is all that is required for all sessions to be covered.

Arrangements are as follows:


  • Team events will be exempt from hosting
  • Volunteers can register to host a session on the calendar on the CBC website.  If anyone has difficulty with this technology, a committee member will register him/her.
  • To register, find the date you would like to host from the "HOST CALENDAR", click “Host: Wanted” and then hover over or click on the day you wish to Host.  A host icon (picture of a host) will appear if a Host is wanted and click this then enter your EBU number in the pop-up box.  Then click “Check”.  If all ok and your name has appeared, click “Accept”.  If you do not know your EBU number, login to the “members only” and go to “Account” at the top.  The details will include your EBU number.
  • The calendar is for 1 month at a time but you can click back or forwards to see past or future months - click the arrows at the top left and top right to view other months (especially useful near the end of a month)
  • If you change your mind after adding your name, please contact the Webmaster HERE.  They will then remove your name and change back to “Wanted” for you.
  • Any member, or potential member, will be able to take advantage of the host system at any time there is a host registered on the site
  • If the host plays, he/she will be exempt from paying table money.  If the host does not play, he/she will be given the price of a bridge session to compensate.
  • The default position is that the hosts will be included in the NGS (the EBU’s National Grading Scheme).  However, the Host may elect to be excluded from the NGS so that their position is not affected by playing with an unfamiliar partner – their name will then be recorded as “Jo Host”.  In this case, the host would have to inform the director or scorer before play starts.
  • Within the fisrt 30 minutes of the session, the player needs to logon to their "My EBU" account and register the excemption - if anyone needs help doing this, the webmaster or a committee member should be on hand to assist.

PLEASE support this initiative by volunteering to host a session.

Host Pilot and Guide