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EBU for Improvers

Play online with BBO in a relaxed session on a Wednesday afternoon. Click the link below or look at the new ebed website also shown below. 

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See our main menu item or click this box for Online Lessons and "Why Play Bridge"

Meena Samani runs frequent lessons / courses - next planned will appear here

Please book via the Fun 2 Play Bridge website:   HERE

Release 2.19r
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All time hits
Grand Master
Tim Green
Premier Life Master
Keith Bennett
Life Master
Alan Brown Bruce Franklin Colin Bailey David Pinder Jennie Corfield
Jill Cook Margaret Bradshaw Mike O'Neill
Premier National Master
Richard Sheridan
National Master
Ian Lewis Jo Brock Julie Kennedy Marie Thomson Mike Corfield
1* Premier Regional Master
Barbara Hobson Trevor Hobson
6* + Regional Master
Barbara Regan David Lofts Joyce Brown
5* Regional Master
John Constable
3* Regional Master
Brian Barrow
1* Regional Master
John Lemmey Karen Murphy Rebecca Snelling
Regional Master
William Clennell
2* Premier Tournament Master
Peter Peterson Valerie Cooper
Premier Tournament Master
Peter Langford
5* Premier Master
Alan Coales
4* Premier Master
Andy Lewis John Gatrell Robin Duncan Roger Routledge Sheila Brent
3* Premier Master
Barbara Thomas Neil Thomas
3* Tournament Master
Bobbi Turnbull Lesley Hearon
1* Tournament Master
Norman Bennett
Tournament Master
Margaret Watson
5* Master
Dennis Killey Hugh Thomson Miló Hazeldine Rosemary Gunter
4* Master
Anne Gooding Marie Kenyon Norman Findlay Vicki Hooton
3* Master
Jill Guy May Hartop Mike Griffin
2* Master
Connie Lofts Frances Dalton Geoff Guy Geoff Williams Linda Reddy
Lorraine Shepherd Martin Hartop Michael Bader
1* Master
Fraser Glass Gwen Griffin Jean Fretwell John Barker Margaret Wigand
Penny Moody Pitti Gent Val Foster
Advanced Master
Jerrold Lee John Sheridan Judy Searle Linda Holt Paul Searle
Simon Hanna Sylvia Skiba
Brian Pickles Peter Clough Vivek Radhakrishnan
County Master
Anne (Elizabeth) Clough Carole Lee Caroline Ireson David Wright John Kilner
Lesley Shanks Michael Sprange Paul Roberts Rob Pike Robert Watkins
Shirley Rose Susan Towlson Susan Wingate Veronica Gibson Vicki Southern
District Master
Ann Fitzgerald Anne Clough Bobbi Chilton Christine Newman Dennis Cantwell
Jean Ebbon Karen O'Riordan Kevin Thakrar Madeleine Chowne Marianne Murray
Monica Burton Pat Crampin Peter Oakes Sandra Byers Stephanie Wynd
Tony Fitzgerald Viv Prewer
Area Master
Barbara Pestell Dave Yabsley Jackie Kevany Jeffrey Stone Judy Douch
Patricia Stone Peter Hennessey Peter James Vic Davies
Club Master
Jeff White June Gee Ken Gale Ray de Winter Rosemary Hitch
Susan Newman
Local Master
Bill Wreakes Patricia Turner Simon Pestell