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RealBridge Online
Monday Evening RealBridge

To join us for our Monday evening RealBridge, click this link to join us for our 7pm start.

Join Nairn for their Tuesday RealBridge Club Nights

We now have a reciprocal arrangement with Nairn Bridge Club such that they can join us on Monday evenings and we can join them on Tuesday evenings.

Anyone wishing to join Nairn for their Tuesday evening Realbridge sessions, starting at 7pm, please visit the 'RealBridge Online' section of the Nairn Bridge Club website

Meet new bridge players in Highland and Enjoy!!!!!

Relaxed bridge in the Strathspey Lounge

    ♣ Pop in here for a game of bridge with your chosen tablemates! ♠  

Click this link to go to a table where you can play up to 20 hands of bridge.

If a table is dark grey and shows R1, it has been played - use another table!  There are 20 hands available at each table - if you see a table which has been vacated but still has hands to play - please go there and play them first (unless you are sure you are going to play all 20 hands).  You can go to another table and play earlier hands once all 20 hands have been played at that table.   Play is free for all who play in this set-up, but the clubs have to pay for all tables used.  Thanks for your help.

 smiley  See, hear, speak to, and raise a glass with your friends at the table  smiley

Click RealBridge website to find all sorts of information to help you use this new online bridge platform. 

We recommend you look at the Players Guide which you will find in the "Player" tab in the menu at the top.  Then we strongly suggest you use the "News" tab to find and sign up for a "taster Session" of 8 boards to learn the basics.  This must be booked in advance (see details on their website).

To join the club sessions which we will run, use the link in the event box above which will take you straight to our event - just join us in the 30 minutes before the start time. 

When you join a game for the first time and are asked to input your name and ID no., please use your SBU number (if you have one) for your ID.