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This newsletter is intended to inform or remind Web Adminstrator of some features that may be of particular use as the Bridge Clubs return to the face-to-face format.

If would like to reactivate your site from its 'lapsed' status then please contact Allow time for BridgeWebs to change the status and for you to prepare the site for the re-opening of your club.

If you have forgotten the administration password then go to the Web Administration login page, enter your administrator's email address in the 'Administration Support Request' section, answer the 'anti-spammer' question and click 'Forgotten Password'; a reminder email will be sent to that address.

Once logged in, if you are not on the latest release (2.19p) there will be an option to upgrade. Please do this to ensure you benefit from any enhancements and fixes implemented recently. 


Attendance Module

BridgeWebs has introduced an 'Attendance' module which provides a simple accounting system to allow the administrator to manage the monies owed: debits for the attendance fees are gathered from the results files while other debits (subscriptions, lessons etc) can be entered manually; credits can be uploaded from a bank statement or manually entered/uploaded; and balances are calculated and statements can be emailed or viewed in the members login.

For more details see section '17 Attendance Module' of the BrideWebs Guide -

There is a charge for this module - a 50% increase in the subscription at renewal - but it can be trialled free for 3 months. Please contact if you would like try it.

Default 'Reply-To' Address

Web Administrators can now specify forwarding addresses for the default reply-to address.

One of the main headaches of having all BridgeWebs emails sent from the BridgeWebs server is that the email is more likely to be regarded as spam if the reply-to address does not match the BridgeWebs domain. For this reason, all emails have been sent with the default reply-to address as '' and replies to this non-specific address have been 'lost'. Now the default reply-to address can be 'yourclubcode' and the club's Web Adminstrator can specify upto four addresses to which these emails will be forwarded.

The forwarding email addresses are maintained via Web Administration > Support > Contacts. (When testing, please note that changes to the forwarding address can take upto 1 hour to become effective).

This feature is available now in BridgeWebs release 2.19p so please upgrade if you are on an earlier release.

Bookings/Reservations Feature

With many clubs returning to face-to-face bridge but with a requirement to control the numbers attending, it is worth reminding the Web Administrators of the BridgeWebs Bookings/Reservations feature. This allows the adminstrator to set a maximum number of tables for any event, displays a booking pop-up to allow the members to enter and shows a list of those booked (and those on the waiting list where the limit is exceeded). For details see section 2.5.9 Bookings/Reservations of the BridgeWebs Guide or the video at this short video


A couple of answers to queries we have had from more than one user as they return from lockdown:

  • Some players returning to face-to-face bridge are wondering why the Play It Again feature does not indicate the actual cards played. But this is only possible because the on-line software was recording every bid and card laid. Unless your scoring software provides this ability (and you are prepared to enter all the details!)  the results file will not contain this information and we cannot indicate how the hands were actually played.
  • Some users of Scorebridge have had problems with the automatic upload of results from Scorebridge and it has been necessary to check their login details: you can reset the club code and password for uploading results to Bridgewebs via (in ScoreBridge) > Preferences > Web Page Preferences in the middle of the screen. Remember, the "club code" is the shortened code used to access the BridgeWebs web site and not the full club name or any variation of that. You can use the admin or scorer password