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Some of the Benefits
Simple to Use

There are many features within this Real-Time web site to allow you to create as much information for your members as you need. These are best reviewed by going to a club already using BridgeWebs.

This real-time web service was primarily set up to provide inexpensive web sites for clubs without a web site. In practise, many clubs with existing web sites have switched to BridgeWebs because of the extra features and time it used to take updating their existing sites and the dependence on one person.

Anyone with the password can Update the Site

All the information for the club web site is held on the bridgewebs computer. This means that the club secretary or anyone with the password can update the information at any time over the internet and all the results, calendar and competitions are automatically kept up to date. With BridgeWebs, the responsibility can be shared with other members of the club who have been given the club password.

Quicker and More Accurate

The main reason given for switching to BridgeWebs is that maintaining a conventional Web Site is time consuming with most of the job of changing the calendar and integrating results being manual. It might have seemed a good and enjoyable idea in the first place, but this is almost always down to one person in a club with experience of designing a web site. This one person has to update the site week by week each time the results or anything else change and can put an unnecessary pressure on that person as the results are usually required within 24 hours. Usually no-one else is capable of updating these web sites while that person is on holiday.

This is not just a problem with Bridge Club web sites, but many small web sites, you may have experienced for yourself sites where after a while, interest wanes, it becomes time consuming and they become out of date.

With Bridgewebs, the responsibilty can be shared.