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What users have said


Just a few of the more recent positive feedback

"I just wanted to say that I love your website. It is easy to use and extremely functional.  I am able to communicate to my club so easily.  Brilliant!..."

Raffles for Bridge - Aug 2014

"Thank you for providing such a wonderful and powerful web site.  Everyone in our club enjoys it immensely, especially the Results section with all the detailed information.  From an Administrator's position it is very easy to use and powerful.  I also appreciate the quick response we get from you when we have questions or problems.  It is like you live next door, not across the Atlantic Ocean....."

T.B. - Aug 2014

"The site is fantastic and greatly appreciated by all our members .... did a lot of investigation work before recommending your program and it has been a tremendous asset....."

P.M. Jul 2014

"Congratulations on the latest update! The hand records look great to me....."

T.G. - Jun 2014

" you can see we are really enjoying and using the site and we will of course be keeping it (at renewal). We have had nothing but positive feedback so far...."

R.K. - Jun 2014

"Your website is terrific and I will recommend it to all....."

N.C. - Jun 2014

"It is so easy for the directors to upload the game results to the website and your programing does all the work.  Thank you for providing the excellent and easy to use website.  I rave about it to other bridge groups and try to encourage them to try your service....."

J.G. - May 2014

"...wants to know how much a web site weighs, because "Bridgewebs is worth it weight in gold". ........."

J.G.- August 2019

"I would just like to say thank you for the wonderful service and ease of use of the web site. ........."

A.S.- January 2019

"I continue to get the compliments from folk at the club that really belong to you! (Bridgewebs).........."

B.S.- April 2018

"Bridgewebs remains a marvellous collection of programs for the benefit of Duplicate Bridge and you are to be congratulated for its conception and implementation.........."

I.G. - March 2018

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"Our members are very pleased with your service and delighted to have the facility to access their results online in such a convenient manner..........."

J.P. - Jan 2018


"Everyone gives me lots of compliments for the new web site. I do the best I can to let them know it’s really “you”............."

B.S. - Nov 2017

"just want to thank you for your wonderful website and support. BridgeWebs works beautifully. It provides valuable information to our club members............."

B.P. - March 2017

"I am truly impressed at the sophistication and the flexibility offered in Bridgewebs.  I must add it is very well documented even for non-technical users............."

G.M.. - Sep 2016

"My club really enjoys your bridgeweb site. It's amazing............."

J.M.. - July 2016

"I do love your product and I've pitched it to the............"

D.L. - May 2016

"Thanks for another year of excellent service............"

M.S. - April 2016

"Our members love it. It’s a haven for all our geeks and analysers. We’ve even purchased a dealing machine to indulge them further – all our hands are now pre-dealt..........."

C.L. - January 2016

"It is an amazing package, you have done so well incorporating all the requirements and handling the different devices and software ie scoring, dealing etc..........."

C.H. - November 2015

"Thank you for another year of wonderful bridgewebs service. Our players really value the ability to analyze their game and make it better!.........."

T.M. - August 2015

"Amazing what you can do.  This site is fantastic.........."

J.S. - July 2015

"Thanks again for your help, and it is a wonderful site to work on........."

D.C. - June 2015

"What a grand service you are providing for the Bridge Clubs........."

A.H. - June 2015

"I can’t begin to tell you how grateful we are to have found you – your website is easy even for senior citizens like me!!!........"

R.H. - May 2015

"Your program is so awesome!  I only wish I knew how to do more with it!  For now, i’m good with everything........"

S.M. - March 2015

"By the way, everyone loves the photo capability. Your work with the web site has been exceptional! It's so much more that a bridge club scoring system......."

R.C. - Feb 2015

"Thank you for setting up the website for our bridge club – it looks great......"

J.K. - Feb 2015

"I am really pleased we used your tools for our website.  The Result information especially is amazing....."

G.M. - Jan 2015

"The longer I used Bridgewebs the more impressed I am. Thank you for providing this wonderful facility for Bridge Clubs....."

C.P. - Oct 2014

"Your software is amazing. You have a solution for every problem. Thanks again...."

M.A. - Oct 2014