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Bridgewebs is a total web site service for the bridge community and consists of:

  • software developed specifically for bridge clubs
  • other software used under license
  • a web hosting site for programs, databases and web site traffic in the UK.
  • registration of domains and email addresses
  • support & administration
  • user guide

I play bridge regularly and have made my living by writing commercial web software, so know what bridge players may be looking for and how to implement it. Bridgewebs was more of a hobby for a few years, but now put on a professional basis to ensure that it can be maintained into the future. Bridgewebs is always open to ideas, with releases and updates issued regularly, so please feel free to email any suggestions.

Gwynne Hughes - Bedfordshire, UK

Contact BridgeWebs

For all general information regarding BridgeWebs, send an email to or enter the details below and click [Post Message].

Note: If you have a query about a specific club, please use the "Support Request" on the Club's site under Administration Login. This can be accessed with the "Crossed Spanner/Screwdriver" Icon on your club web site (It isn't necessary to log in)