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Find a Club?

Several bridge clubs/associations use the BridgeWebs software. Use the Buttons and/or Search box to find a club.

Each club has used the features of the web site software in different ways. Clubs where a "Trial" site has been requested are marked with an *.

  • Some have made extensive use of the feature allowing you to set up competitions so that, when the results are uploaded from the Bridge Scoring software, the competitions are automatically updated. Then, the web site is up to date immediately the results are calculated and uploaded.
  • With the power of a real time system and features of BridgeWebs, the Bridge Scoring software results are reformatted to allow members to view and print their own scorecards, competitions or any other aspect that they may be interested in.
  • Some BridgeWebs sites use pictures. You can upload pictures taken at your club and attach these to your "News" pages to give added attractiveness to your web site or use one of the standard supplied images.