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This page shows information of significance to users, such as news, web service status or updates to the web site. See "What's New" for details of new features.

Release 2.19n available for general upgrade August 2019

Have a look at the "What's New" for details.

Temporarily withdrawn while we investigate a couple of issues in the upgrade.

Last updated : 30th Aug 2019 15:42 GMT
EBU Server Unavailable - Weekend 9th - 11th November

We have been informed that the EBU are changing their software which could result in some access being unavailable Ad far as Bridgewebs is concerned, this means the Ranking and NGS Databases.

".........We've recently been working on a database migration for all of our session and NGS data. It's not just a change of location, but a change of the whole structure and platform, so there's quite a lot of complexity. We're nearly ready to go, though, so this is to warn you about a bit of downtime next week.

Assuming we don't encounter any problems, we hope to migrate all the data and switch the systems over on the weekend of 9th to 11th November. At some point on that Friday morning, My EBU will be disabled and it'll likely stay down until the Monday if all goes well. API calls sent during that time will return failures. I might allow the read-only calls to still function, but the results they return could be unpredictable depending on which database they're pointing to......."

Last updated : 2nd Nov 2018 16:29 GMT
Server Not Available - 21st Oct 2018

There was a technical issue with the server, Sunday 21st Oct 2018 causing it to be unavailable for a period of time.  After manual intervention late GMT Sunday Evening, Bridgewebs was returned to normal operation. Further investigations will be undertaken to identify the cause and prevent any similar occurrence in the future.

Last updated : 22nd Oct 2018 09:43 GMT
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 25th May 2018

You may be aware that the EBU has put together information regarding the revised rule required for Data Protection These can then be applied uniformly across all clubs.

Bridgewebs generally conforms to these rules, but will be reviewed and updated where required. However, the Data Protecion rules, are as much the housekeeping of the club  as any software.

Last updated : 31st Jan 2018 13:09 GMT
Live Ranking (Pre-Release)

If you have the latest version of PairsScorer and want to show the Live Ranking remotely, have a look at.

PLEASE NOTE: This is currently Pre-Release. Will update this when generally available.

Last updated : 21st Sep 2017 11:59 GMT
EBU Ranking

Changed to using new EBU Membership database and now updated daily.

Last updated : 6th Jun 2017 15:40 GMT
Duplicate Scorer

Duplicate Scorer - Soxoft results can now be automatically uploaded to Bridgewebs in EBU USBIO XML format.

Last updated : 7th Oct 2015 08:11 GMT
Release 2.19e - Released 11th June 2014

Release 2.19e has a number of significant improvements, especially in the display of Scorecards and Travellers. See "What's New" for details.

Last updated : 12th Jun 2014 12:43 GMT
Google Mapping Software Release 2 is to be "Retired" Nov 13th 2013

Just found out that the Google Mapping Software Release 2 is to be "Retired" Nov 13th 2013. This means that all Bridgewebs Google Map features will need to upgraded to the Release 3 standards.

Provided the changes can be done in time, this generally will not make any difference to any Bridgewebs users. However, it does look like there will be some minor cosmetic differences that you may notice.

Hadn't realised it was so long since the first Bridgewebs Maps were provided via the Google Mapping service.

Last updated : 23rd Oct 2013 12:27 GMT
Bridgewebs 2.19

A significant new release of Bridgewebs has been developed.  A beta  is version is available on request, see Bridgewebs 2.19 for details.

Last updated : 2nd Oct 2013 10:44 GMT
Release 2.18x - Released 20th Feb 2013

Release 2.18x has a number of enhancements including:

  • Further Improvements to Membership and Bulk Email
  • Masterpoint Scales for non EBU clubs
  • Further improvements to USEBIO XML upload:
Last updated : 20th Feb 2013 14:35 GMT
iPhone App 1.3 release Feb 2013

This has some minor fixes, club search, changes to handle device rotation and changes to better handle the various Apple devices

Last updated : 15th Feb 2013 17:17 GMT
Bulk Email Service - Release 2.18w

A new third party specialist Email service is being prototyped for sending Bulk Email.

For various reasons:

  • performance
  • avoiding emails being flagged as spam
  • better bounce email detection
  • unsubscribe option
  • better email analysis for Bridgewebs
  • provide reply option to avoid member replies being bounced themself.

In order to check it out initially, a few clubs will be switched to use this service. This will not affect the way it works as far as the club is concerned, except member emails will arrive from a different address to avoid any problems with setting the email service up. This may be transferred back to in the future.

The next phase is to integrate some of the reporting, especially bounced emails, into your Membership Tab.

Last updated : 19th Apr 2024 11:26 BST
Release 2.18t is the latest Release

Release 2.18t has a number of enhancements:

  • Dynamically Built Hand PDF on Results
  • Revised Recent Results page renames as Personal Scores
  • Stats Counter:
  • Improvements to Membership and Bulk Email
  • More Competition Options
Last updated : 15th Jun 2012 07:01 GMT
Release 2.18q is now the latest release.
Release 2.18q has a number of minor enhancements of a general nature, mainly to do with results.
Last updated : 20th Feb 2012 12:34 GMT
Release 2.18g
Release 2.18g has now been released as the live release and available to upgrade through Web Administration.
Last updated : 9th Dec 2010 10:48 GMT
Network Conectivity

Access to all of (web sites, email, forum) went down on 12th August at 8:15 GMT approx and restored at 11:20 GMT approx. This was caused by a general network problem and not the bridgewebs web site itself.

Last updated : 12th Aug 2010 10:55 GMT
Uploading ACBL Results using ScorePost
Working in conjunction with Ray Spalding of a version of ScorePost has been developed to upload ACBL Game files direct to Bridgewebs. This can be more efficient and easier to use than the BridgeWebs "Upload Results" on the main club web site.

See for more information. This is a first development release and available with ScorePost 3.4 and BridgeWebs 2.18f.
Last updated : 9th Jul 2010 10:14 GMT
Emails to Hotmail Failing
There is a problem with emails from domains registered with the bridgewebs host failing to be sent to Hotmail users. I have checked this with the bridgewebs host and they say it is a general problem and have been in contact with Microsoft and understand the spam tables will be adjusted in the next 24 hours
Last updated : 15th Apr 2010 18:02 GMT
IE8 - Adobe PDF Reader 9.3 Hangs or Slow

There is a problem using Adobe Reader in IE8. On occasions it hangs and eventually finishes with a message "there has been a problem...."

Having searched the net for answers, this has been experienced before. There are plenty of workarounds (but see below).

  1. Use Google Chrome or Firefox
  2. Use a different PDF Reader Foxit, see below.
  3. Set the PDF preferences to open in Adobe proper rather than in IE8, see below.

2. I have found a different PDF reader that can be used:-

3. Open Adobe Reader directly.

  • In preferences,
  • Choose "Internet"
  • Untick "Display PDF in Browser"

UPDATE (18th Feb 2010)

This appears to have been fixed with an update dated 16th Feb 2010.

Open Adobe Reader directly as a program, not in Browser.

  • Click "Help"
  • Click "Check for Updates"
Last updated : 18th Feb 2010 17:44 GMT
Computer Maintenance - Sunday 10th January 2010 - 20:30 GMT

Maintenance is scheduled for the bridgewebs server on Sunday 10th January 2010. At the end of this, about 20:30 GMT, the server will be rebooted and will, therefore, be unavailable for a short period of around 20 minutes.

Last updated : 9th Jan 2010 11:53 GMT
Computer Upgrade - Contact Us/Entry Forms
There was a problem with the transfer of email to the new computer that meant some emails generated out of the bridgewebs "Contact Us" / "Entry Forms" pages bounced and did not reach the club recipients. This occurred some time between 4th December & 13th December. It has been working again since.
Last updated : 16th Dec 2009 08:52 GMT
Xcalibre Hosting

I have just been informed, Dec 10th 2009, that the Web Hosting part of Xcalibre's business will in future be run by WebFusion. The WebFusion group currently own Webfusion, 123-reg, Supanames and Donhos.

In the short term there should be no noticeable difference, more details will follow in the New Year.

Last updated : 10th Dec 2009 14:13 GMT
Computer Upgrade - Blocked Email
For those using anti-spam email checking software, emails from/to bridgewebs may still bounce as invalid, because of the change of computer address.
Last updated : 7th Dec 2009 14:34 GMT
Computer Upgrade - All Clear

There have been a small number of problems to do with changing the IP address.

  • Moving Mailboxes, in some cases, it was necessary to delete an account and add it back and/or reenter the password.
  • Users of Firefox/AVG needed to reinstall (not sure which was the problem).
  • Possibly users with VirginMedia may have had to wait for the new IP address to get registered.

As far as I know, these have now all been cleared.

Last updated : 7th Dec 2009 13:43 GMT
Computer Upgrade - FireFox and DNS/IP Settings

A very small number of people using Firefox are having problems connecting to on the new computer. Providing access is via this should normally be OK.

By way of explanation, the way it works is that the each web site/domain is hosted on a particular computer, each computer has its own address, e.g. bridgewebs is now on, it was The reason for the big difference is that it is now hosted at a different Data Centre, somewhere in the London area.

Generally this actual computer address is found by a DNS (Domain Name Server) of your internet provider and everything should be automatic. These DNS servers are updated regularly generally every 24 hours. In anticipation of the change the TTL settings for bridgewebs was reduced to 2 hours a week ago, so they should have been refreshed within 2 hours.

If, somehow, your PC, Firewall or Internet Provider is using the direct address or has some kind of computer mapping security protection, it may be necessary to reset this.

In FireFox, you may need to check some settings.

  • In security, check that you are not using "Check that the site is not a forgery", this may be checking that the computer is not the same as yesterday.
  • You will need "Javascript" enabled.

This is just a simple explanation regarding the problems you might be experiencing and I am looking to see if I can provide further information.

Last updated : 3rd Dec 2009 09:38 GMT
Computer Upgrade - December 2nd 2009

The upgrade to a new computer for the bridgewebs web site took place the morning of December 2nd. The actual data transfer took place between 09:00 GMT and 10:00 GMT (around 6Gb of data) and switched over at 10:00.

Due to the delays involved in updating domain addresses on DNS servers (the computers around the world holding a directory of names and actual IP addresses), you may have still continued visiting the web site on the old computer for up to 2 hours (possibly longer) after this switch over. In reality, the web site would have appeared to be available during this period. IF YOU UPDATED anything after around 9:00 GMT, you may suddenly have found that it is no longer updated as your link switches over to the new computer, you will need to update it again on the new computer. I will analyse the old and new web sites and identify any discrepencies and individually let people know.

Although a notice had been posted to let the Web Administrators know that a change was imminent, it was impossible to let all the scorers and the thousands of bridge players using bridgewebs around the world know that a change was taking place. In reality most users will not have noticed any loss in service or change.

Everything, web site and email, should now be running off the new computer. If you notice any problems please email

Last updated : 14th Sep 2018 09:32 GMT
Lack of Service

It has been noticed that on a number of occasions during Monday 26th October 2009, the web sites have not been available, from a few seconds to several minutes. This was due to an error in the development release of bridgewebs. This has now been resolved.

Last updated : 29th Oct 2009 15:19 GMT
Competition Formats - No Spaces between %

A problem has been reported recently with no spaces between %s in the "Best Of" competions. This has found to occur on certain competitions where users have upgraded to IE8 or are using Google Chrome. There must have been a change in specification of "Borders" in HTML.

This has been corrected in Release 2.17a. However, for performance reason, competitions are calculated and saved (including the format) when the results are upload or the competition changed.

This means for old competitions, to clear the problem it is necessary to go to the Competition in question and [Save] it to create a new format.

Last updated : 14th Sep 2009 08:53 GMT
Access Failed - Aug 21 - 9-12am GMT

A most bizarre problem occurred Friday Aug 21 sometime between between 09:00 and 12:30 GMT.

The symptom was that when you typed into the Internet Browser Address Bar or accessed from any other favourite link, a message came up in various formats basically asking you to enter a login and password for your router.

This affected many users, but certainly not all, possibly you, depending on what operating system and router you have and what ISP you are using.

Access was returned to normal around 12:30 GMT.

The official reason from BridgeWebs Host:-

"Sorry for the delay in replying, this issue got escalated to myself as it's a strange one - as you surmised. To give you a bit of background, our shared web hosting servers run a number of pieces of software that help to defend against denial of service attacks, these are commonly just huge numbers of attempted connections to a single site with the object of taking it offline. One such system identified a potential attack on your 'bridgewebs' server this morning and began to redirect some incoming requests automatically to reduce the impact on the server which would have been causing the behaviour seen. We toned the settings down and removed the block later on this morning so it was all resolved then and shouldn't happen again, sorry for any inconvenience......."

Last updated : 21st Aug 2009 16:14 GMT
Google Chrome/IE 8
There are some cosmetic differences showing with these browsers which will be fixed. depending on complexity, as reported (Release 2.16c or newer) or in the next release of BridgeWebs.
Last updated : 29th May 2009 10:15 GMT
Domain Names Not Found
There was a problem with the domain name server last night. This has now been resolved 9:00 GMT Fri 29th.
Last updated : 29th May 2009 08:23 GMT
Google Chrome

A problem with using the Web Administration BridgeWebs News Editor with Google Chrome has been overcome. Those who are using Chrome could try it again with caution. This fix may also overcome a similar problem with Safari.

Last updated : 18th May 2009 15:07 GMT
Internet Explorer 8
It has been reported that some functions of bridgewebs administration do not work in IE 8, in particular the pop-up calendar picker do not work. It looks like there are new options and you will need to change the security settings appropriately. I will look into this to see whether bridgewebs can be changed to avoid this and/or see what settings need to be adjusted.
Last updated : 20th Apr 2009 12:34 GMT
February = 1 Million Pages
February 2009 saw a million pages downloaded for the first time with a peak of over 53,000 pages on Friday 13th February. This is double the same time last year and quadruple the previous year. So, I hope you are all enjoying the information presented by bridgewebs.
Last updated : 6th Mar 2009 14:16 GMT
Invalid Password - Release 2.16b
A further consequence of the change on Friday was that uploads using the web administration password failed. This was corrected late Friday 20th Feb. This only applied to release 2.16b, not earlier ones or 2.16c, neither did it affect uploads using the scorer password.
Last updated : 21st Feb 2009 08:34 GMT
Server Error

A program was uploaded to the wrong release this morning, Friday 20th Feb. This correct one has now been put back, but was incorrect for about an hour which may have prevented results being uploaded or for a short while access to the web site.

A side effect of this was that you may have lost the backgrounds, if you notice this problem prior to my correcting them, you can go to "Web Admin" - Settings - "Site Style" to put it back. Otherwise, I will be correcting them later.

Last updated : 20th Feb 2009 10:22 GMT
Release 2.16c
Release 2.16c is now available for upgrade, see What's New for details
Last updated : 6th Feb 2009 11:15 GMT
Google Chrome Browser
Some of you may have tried the Google Chrome Browser. Generally it seems fine, but it has been found that the Web Administration online Text Editor does not work. It shows up as Html code. PLEASE do not use this feature until it has been fixed. Use your regular browser, IE or Firefox.
Last updated : 11th Sep 2008 08:14 GMT
Record Usage at start of September
September started with a record 40,000 pages being downloaded during the course of Monday 2nd September, at one stage with over 1 page every second for over an hour.
Last updated : 4th Sep 2008 16:33 GMT
Contact BridgeWebs

An extra feature has been provided in the web admin login page to send a message to bridgewebs instead of having to use the contact page on

Last updated : 29th Aug 2008 14:12 GMT

Bridgewebs originally started as etc, but was switched over a couple of years ago. It is expected that the vast majority of people will now be using There are some technical implications in having 2 or 3 domain names all pointing to the same place, the same entries appear on Google/Yahoo etc under 2 or 3 domain names. Therefore, and have now been set to automatically redirect to There will be a short period where these do not work until the new redirection takes effect and it may take Google/Yahoo etc. a week or two to update their indexes. There are probably still some references to club_bridge out there on non bridgewebs bridge club web sites. If you notice any, it would be worth informing the webmaster of the site to change the address to

NOTE The club_bridge domain names referenced should have been with a hyphen not underscore, but bridgewebs automatically detects and changes any references as such and then this news item would not have made sense.

Last updated : 14th Aug 2008 13:06 GMT
Corrected problem with O'Reilly etc. on Recent Results
People with surname beginning with O', or indeed any other name with ', can now view their recent results.
Last updated : 14th Aug 2008 12:47 GMT
Problems with Web Site Friday 13th June

There were problems with the web site for users using club specific domains during the morning of Friday 13th June. The actual website,, was actually working fine. This was fixed in around an hour and I have now received an explanation that there was a problem with the computer holding the club domain names which has now been fixed. Apologies to anyone trying to access the web site. For your future reference, if you do get a problem using a club domain, you could try and access the club web site via the index of clubs.

The hosting company does have routine maintenance, especially around midnight GMT when they expect most be people to be asleep, unlike bridge players, when this is one of the busiest times for bridgewebs. Their engineers are on standby 365 days 24 hours, so in many cases they quite often notice and fix problems at other times before I see them.

Last updated : 13th Jun 2008 15:24 GMT
Network Problems - April 17th
The web hosting company was experiencing Network problems during the day of Thursday 17th April, in particular, there was no access for a period of 40 minutes around 17:00 GMT. This should all be resolved now.
Last updated : 18th Apr 2008 07:58 GMT
EBU Club Focus

I requested that the EBU provide a link to the latest version of Club Focus Document as well as month by month, so if you have added a link to the the EBU Club Focus on your web site, you can change it to

and this will in future point to the latest PDF version.

otherwise use and this will go to the EBU page with a list of editions.

Last updated : 20th Mar 2008 09:59 GMT
Statistics Missing 20-24th February
The logs have not been updated properly since the Computer Upgrade, meaning statistics are not showing. This should now be correct and the missing statistics should appear tomorrow Tuesday 25th Feb.
Last updated : 25th Feb 2008 11:47 GMT
Web Host Computer Upgrade

Thank you. Mind you, the notice did not seem to put many people off accessing the web site during the upgrade.

It was possible to do the upgrade with only a minimum of downtime and everything is now back to normal.

Last updated : 21st Feb 2008 09:22 GMT
Web Host Computer Upgrade


The WEB HOSTING company will be undertaking an upgrade of their computers.

Wednesday 20th February 21:00 GMT
Thursday 21st February 01:00 GMT

It is estimated that this will result in the BridgeWebs web site being unavailable for up to 2 hours during this period. IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you DO NOT undertake any updates to your web site during that period even if you find it is working.

If you normally upload results during this period, it is also HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you let your scorers know and they DO NOT upload the results until the next morning and let the Wednesday evening players know that the site will be down when they get home and not to expect the results until the next morning.

A suitable message will automatically be included on the results pages prior to this.

The Release notes for the software upgrade is almost 200 pages, mainly concerned with security and performance, but, if any problems occur, these will be addressed Thursday morning.

Last updated : 25th Jan 2008 08:59 GMT
Web Performance - Jan 9th
A problem was identified by the Web Host with the main traffic provider and traffic was moved to the backup. This gave rise to a lack of bridgewebs at different times as the traffic was routed via the backup and again when the main provider was restored. Apologies for problems. This is all now back to normal.
Last updated : 11th Jan 2008 09:10 GMT
Happy New Year and Good Reading!

A Happy New Year to all and many thanks for everyone who supported BridgeWebs during 2007.

The latest release 2.15a is now in use across all the clubs and I have been working on the next release 2.16 for some time now. This has a number of features specifically for County Associations, and some of these have a knock-on advantage for the club web sites. The "What's New" will be updated later in January.

At the same time, I have been working on a complete replacement for the Help pages, incorporating the present help and information relating to all the new features brought out during 2007, various support articles and those features planned for 2008. To avoid you looking for things that do not exist in 2.15a, the new features will be clearly marked. It is being updated daily at present! However, as it already contains considerably more information and is easier to use than the present "Help" pages, it should be of use to you as it stands, so, is being made available today, the beginning of January 2008. You can find it at and, when complete, probably the end of January, it will replace the help pages, together with the new release.


Last updated : 14th Sep 2018 09:33 GMT
Site Statistics

On occasions the site statistics have been lost and I have had to rebuild them from the backup files. I have not been able to find any particular reason for this, except that the files are getting quite large.

I have, therefore redesigned the way it works to make it more stable. As a result of looking at this, I did find that access to some pages on the web sites had not been logged against each club. As a result, the revised statistics show in the region of 5% -10% more and the whole of the statistics for 2007 have been rebuilt to show this.

The new program is considerably more efficient and can now show 12 months statistics below the charts without any significant impact on performance.

Last updated : 7th Dec 2007 12:59 GMT
Release 2.14 now Upgraded
As from today, November 22nd 2007, any club still using Release 2.14 will be automatically upgraded to Release 2.15a. Clubs on Release 2.15 will remain on 2.15 for the immediate future.
Last updated : 22nd Nov 2007 15:25 GMT
Members Only Registration - Release 2.15a
Due to some problems encountered in the Members Only registration, an updated version of this program has been installed.
Last updated : 29th Oct 2007 13:27 GMT
Merged Section Count Error October 23rd/24th

An enhancement to show Merged Sections correctly showed the merged section pairs, but in certain instances did not show correctly for other results. This has been now been corrected and all identified instances corrected. If you think that you are still having problems with a particular set of results, please reupload and if still a problem send an email to

Last updated : 14th Sep 2018 09:32 GMT
EBU Strategy Document

By now I expect that you are all aware of the "EBU Strategy" document released in June 2007. This strategy has many far-reaching proposals affecting clubs and members including a move from a subscription to a Pay2Play scheme. It is early days in this proposal and I am sure there will be a variety of views.

However, in particular, the aspect of an "EBU Free Web Site" and the impact on BridgeWebs needs carefully consideration. If any of you have any points regarding this, please email

Last updated : 14th Sep 2018 09:31 GMT
Release 2.15 Available June 2007

Release 2.15 has a number of new features. These include:

  • Calendar Options
  • Facility to "Quick Update" second and third events
  • Facility to specify start of club year
  • Reorganization of Administration Buttons
  • Change to the "Options" for a News Page
  • Extended Colour and font "Themes" for News Pages.
  • Additional "Left Message Box" on Home page
  • Bridgewebs now has an internal "Player" file updated from ScoreBridge
  • Members Only Page
  • Paging of Results Page instead of one long page

You can find the the details in "What's New"

Last updated : 21st Jun 2007 08:25 GMT
Extra Index Pages

As an aid to improving the chances of people finding clubs when doing using a "web search", two extra pages have been added to the main bridgewebs site. The first page is a list of clubs by "domain name" and the second is a "Learn Bridge" page listing clubs who specifically provide "Bridge Courses".

If you think the information is wrong or your club runs "Bridge Courses", please go to "Web Administration" - "Site Options" and adjust as necessary. The information for the index pages:- Club Name, Location, Domain Name and "Bridge Classes" is taken from here. If you update this the Index pages will include the correct information the NEXT time that the indexes are updated, usually weekly. If you think the words at the top of the page coud be improved, please let me know.

Last updated : 25th May 2007 08:37 GMT
Web Hosting Problem

There has been an intermittent problem with updating the web sites this morning, Thursday 5th April, which meant that if any of you tried to update the web site, you may have seen a "System Error" page.

The extra checking introduced in Release 2.12f, necessary since the problems the last time this occurred, have worked very successfully, let you know not to continue and, as far as I can make out, no web site has been corrupted and members have been able to continue Browsing the web sites. It only affects Web Administration. If you think you may have a problem please email

Last updated : 14th Sep 2018 09:30 GMT
ScoreBridge Auto Upload reverts Home page to Release 2.12e

The Auto ScoreBridge aspect of ScoreBridge links to Release 2.12e to upload. This also updates the results boxes on the Home page and, thus, writes the home and index pages as 2.12e. This has been happening since this feature was introduced at the beginning of the year (nothing to do with bridgewebs), but had not been recognized as a problem because of the variety of releases and, in time, the self correcting nature of the problem.

This may take a few days to correct to make sure that the Auto-Upload always uses the correct version for the site. (NOW Correct 22nd March)

Meanwhile, go to "Web Administration" and update the "Home" page and this will write the home and site index pages out at the correct release.

Last updated : 22nd Mar 2007 13:02 GMT
Release 2.14 - Official BridgeWebs Release

Release 2.14 completes the switch to BridgeWebs with all references swapped and one or two tidy ups found during checking it out. Clubs will be progressively upgraded during week commencing March 19th

Last updated : 17th Mar 2007 11:08 GMT
Release 2.12f - Hand-of-the-Week
Release 2.12f is now available and has several small fixes plus a new facility to add a formatted hand to a News Story.
Last updated : 12th Mar 2007 21:25 GMT
Release 2.12d - Changes to Page Style
There are a number of new features designed to help you enhance (according to your idea of enhance) the style of a page, especially the Home page.
Last updated : 16th Feb 2007 15:45 GMT
Release 2.12e - Enhancements
Release 2.12e is now the "Latest Release". This has a number of enhancement:
>Site Style - There are several facilities to change the style of the site and home page including: background pictures, font, font size, more calendar/results on home page
>Competitions - Extra option are now available including; Teams Competition, change to best/minimum factors
>Password - Special password just for ScoreBridge scorers
>Scorebridge - extensions for extra ScoreBridge Upload/Download

Use the ? to find specific details.
Last updated : 2nd Feb 2007 14:09 GMT
BridgeWebs Usage
In the last 12 months, bridgewebs has experienced a fourfold increase in all aspects. In January over 200,000 pages were downloaded.

Thank you for all your support.
Last updated : 2nd Feb 2007 13:56 GMT
Web Site Not Available
Apologies for web site being down from 11pm Tuesday 16th for around 3 hours.

Message from Hosting Company noticed too late to do much about it.

>"Tonight from 11pm we will be carrying out essential maintenance on webserver Tom. This maintenance is expected to take 2 hours. During this time no services will be accessible on this webserver. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause"

Second status message at 12:30 am

>"This work is proceeding slower than anticipated. As a result the maintenance has been extended by 2 hours to 3 am this morning. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause"
Last updated : 17th Jan 2007 08:56 GMT
Site Statistics
Unfortunately there seems to be a problem with the site statistics, presumably with the switch to the new year. I will be investigating and correcting this shortly. I have a backup, so once I have sorted this out, all the statistics will reappear. This should be back to normal tomorrow Jan 4th.
Last updated : 3rd Jan 2007 14:49 GMT
Release 2.12d (ScoreBridge Automatic Upload Addon)
ScoreBridge Release 8.7.03 now has a facility to upload directly to bridgewebs. You DO NOT need to upgrade your bridgewebs web site, there is a new independent program in bridgewebs designed to talk directly to ScoreBridge. For more information click
Last updated : 19th Dec 2006 15:36 GMT
Release 2.12d - Live Release
Sometime today, Thursday 7th December, the system will be upgraded so that Release 2.12d is the live release.Please note, that the Index (Home) page will be updated next time you update any page on the web site.This will be the last release until 2007. Happy Christmas and New Year
Last updated : 13th Dec 2006 08:13 GMT
Lost Web Site
The message obtained "You have reached a page on this web site which is no longer valid or has been moved. This will be logged for analysis later." when there was no problem. No obvious reason could be found for this, and the data has been restored. This affected one web site only that was being updated at the time.
Last updated : 4th Dec 2006 09:30 GMT
Web Site Availability
A problem occurred in the early hours of Saturday 18th November causing intermittant loss of service. This was finally rectified at 9:30 am.
Last updated : 18th Nov 2006 09:59 GMT
MS Internet Release 7
I have installed IE release 7 and it has a couple of useful facilities for viewing results.
>You can have multiple tabs
>On the right of the status bar at the bottom of the window is a Zoom button, "Ctrl -" that allows you to decrease/increase the page and see full width of wide results.
Last updated : 3rd Nov 2006 10:21 GMT
November Statistics corrected
This has now been corrected and nothing been lost.

For your interest the overall usage of the bridgewebs site in total has increased by over 20% in each of the last 3 months. Is this a sign of Autumn or greater use of Broadband?
Last updated : 3rd Nov 2006 10:12 GMT
November Statistics
The statistics on the hosting server have not been archived since the start of November so no statistics are showing up for November.
Will investigate and correct
Last updated : 3rd Nov 2006 08:34 GMT
Club Names
I have some better software for creating an image for the name of the club instead of using a font. If any of you would like a better image, please let me know.
Last updated : 30th Oct 2006 14:11 GMT
Release 2.12c - Minor Enhancements
Release 2.12c has been installed which has changes for a number of issues.
> Internal Administration features
> Recognize Swiss Teams format correctly
> Add teams to Knock Out Competition and ability to choose no of teams.
> Option for 3/2/1 competition
> Change in format of Scorebridge Player file
Last updated : 26th Oct 2006 14:03 GMT
Passed Out - Release 2.12b
Bridgemate has a facility to record the "Lead" on each hand. BridgeWebs was changed in Release 2.12b to show this "Lead" on the Travellers. This worked on the "Scorecards", but, unfortunately, a "debug" option was left in which showed hands as "Passed Out", if they had been scored by points rather than contract. This has been corrected.
Last updated : 11th Oct 2006 20:19 GMT
Release 2.12b - Live Release
As Release 2.12a has now been used successfully for some time with many clubs, this will be made the live version for all sites during the first week of October. A few changes are necessary to ensure that this is the live release and to see whether the change has been made, this will be Release 2.12b.
Last updated : 3rd Oct 2006 08:13 GMT
A problem occurred yesterday, Sunday 10th Sept, and the statistics file was cleared. I am still investigating. I have restored from the backup and brought it up to date. No statistics will have been lost.
Last updated : 11th Sep 2006 12:42 GMT
Record bridgewebs Usage in August
It seems that the rain in August has driven everyone indoors and on to their web sites. Across all the bridge club web sites, August had over 100,000 pages accessed for the first time, by over 5000 separate visitors, also a first. This follows a lull during the previous hot spell in June and July and is 33% up on the previous peak in March.
Last updated : 1st Sep 2006 14:14 GMT
Release 2.12a shows as { % Release 2.12a % }
"Release 2.12a" shows as "{ % Release 2.12a % }" on home and certain news pages only. This is a technical change to allow the program to substitute the correct release and has now been corrected.
Last updated : 24th Aug 2006 08:07 GMT
Release 2.12a -Now Available
Release 2.12a is now available, August 10th, which completes the work to add all Updates to the Site Administration pop-up.
This includes:
>an "Update Menu" to enable you to quickly choose the correct option to use for updating a page.
>Option to review pages within the "Update" process.
>Options to go backward and forward through items.
Last updated : 10th Aug 2006 08:31 GMT
Announcing Rules
Rather than each club having to find and upload the new "Announcing Rules" or provide a link, a page with the rules has been added to bridgewebs. An entry has been added on the standard menu so that all sites automatically have access to a page "Announcing and Alerting Rules".
Last updated : 8th Aug 2006 06:54 GMT
Release 2.12 - Error in Saving Password
There was an error in the system keeping the password, thus asking for it to be reentered. This has now been corrected.
Last updated : 14th Jul 2006 09:25 GMT
Release 2.12 - Upgrade
You can now upgrade your club yourself to Release 2.12. There is an extra option in "Update Club Settings".
Last updated : 13th Jun 2006 16:23 GMT