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Suggestions (General)

Suggestions regarding enhancements to BridgeWebs are received regularly. Those of general interest are included here. If you didn't originally send in a particular suggestion but are also interested in that enhancement, please let Bridgewebs know and this will help to push it to the top of the queue. If you have an outstanding suggestion and cannot see it here, please send an email to

Ability to Modify Results

Provide the ability to add an extra(s) column to a result, such as providing prizes, Team Names.

Alternatively, provide a feature to "Export" a bridgewebs compatible file for whatever use, including adjustment and reupload.

Last updated : 20th Feb 2013 16:31 GMT
ACBL Section Table Count
Show the Count of the number of tables by section.
Last updated : 26th Mar 2012 15:52 GMT
ACBL Teams
In Swiss Teams pick up more detailed match breakdown.
Last updated : 7th Dec 2012 14:31 GMT
Add Travellers to PBN download
Provide the travellers as well for playing/analysis in some PC Games.
Last updated : 13th Dec 2012 10:49 GMT
Allow Import of Scorebridge Han file for Handicaps
Allow Import of Scorebridge Han file for Handicaps
Last updated : 12th Jan 2012 16:36 GMT
Analysis of Pages
Provide a more detailed analysis of Pages used, e.g. How many times has the Home Page, News Page been used.
Last updated : 7th Sep 2009 10:53 GMT
Ascendancy Table
Provide a facility to compare annual ladders and show the difference, i.e. improvement/decline year on year.
Last updated : 16th Mar 2007 19:31 GMT
Ascendancy Table
Provide a feature to calculate Ascendencies. I.e. compare one competition with a previous competition and calculate difference in position/percentage.
Last updated : 28th Nov 2011 09:49 GMT
Automated Trophy List

Provide a facility to record present and past winners of competitions.

Provide a “Competitions” page where the current year winners are listed (which competition, who won), then each has a hot link to a further page which lists all the previous winners back to whenever). With a facility to populate the history in the first place and then have it auto maintained from then on. Also allow for gaps.

Last updated : 22nd Sep 2008 15:43 GMT
Back to Top Button
Provide a "Bak to Top" button at the bottom of a page such as the Travellers and some Web Admin pages to scroll the page back to the top.
Last updated : 11th Nov 2011 14:39 GMT
Button to view Results Information
Provide a button the results page to view an indirectly uploaded web page.
Last updated : 12th Nov 2007 10:34 GMT
Calendar - Highlighting
Provide an option to split the calendar, e.g. have sections or different colours
Last updated : 25th Jun 2010 08:07 GMT
Calendar - Improved Updating

Provide an option to Cut & Paste more than one option at a time.

Possible Import from Spreadsheet

Last updated : 19th Nov 2012 09:37 GMT
Calendar - Provide a 7 day Calendar

Provide a calendar in different Layout e.g


2 Beginners 3
7 Duplicate
9 Beginners
14 Duplicate 15
16 Beginners 17
21 Duplicate 22
23 Beginners 24
28 Duplicate 29
30 Beginners

Last updated : 5th Jul 2010 11:34 GMT
Calendar - Show a blank title
Show a blank title instead of the word "Event"
Last updated : 26th Oct 2009 16:07 GMT
Calendar Columns
Provide extra information such as Director, Scorer in Columns, especially on the calendar.
Last updated : 22nd Jan 2013 15:03 GMT
Change Event Date
Provide an option to move an Event to a different date rather than reuploading.
Last updated : 6th Feb 2013 13:21 GMT
Colour Code Calendar Sharing

When showing "Shared" entries show in a different colour.

Last updated : 23rd Jun 2014 08:16 GMT
Colour of Links
Provide an option to change the colour of links
Last updated : 24th Nov 2009 11:53 GMT
Competition NS/EW Split

Provide an option to create a competition just for pairs sitting NS or vice versa EW.

Last updated : 8th Apr 2013 11:28 GMT
Competition Option for High Scores

Provide an option to show the best scores for e.g. over 65%.Possibly just a list with dates.

Last updated : 15th May 2014 13:04 GMT
Competitions - Matchpointing
Provide an option to total Matchpoints over all the rounds and then total the corresponding "Tops" and then calculate an average.
Last updated : 15th Nov 2012 17:33 GMT
Competitions - Rolling Year
Provide "Rolling Year" start to club Competitions feature. Also equivalent Archive version.
Last updated : 28th May 2012 09:13 GMT
Competitions Average/Total
When calculating a competition as average or total, can the other also show as a column. e.g. if total, show average.
Last updated : 14th Oct 2011 13:31 GMT
Competitions Download

Provide some kind of download that would allow the club to manipulate the figures and upload as a Table.

Last updated : 16th May 2014 10:01 GMT
Competitions Merge for 2 Sections
Where 2 sections are included in a compeition, i.e. 2 events for one day but played as sections, then merge the results as 1 column.
Last updated : 13th Feb 2012 08:48 GMT
Have an extra option to say 3/2/1 competition to allow 1 point for over 50% and 1 point for turning up.
Last updated : 26th Jan 2012 11:06 GMT
County Leagues
Provide extra boxes for the Team names played in a match.
Last updated : 10th Sep 2010 10:02 GMT
CTRL CLICK on Results

A side effect of providing features to highlight clickable links, which I hadn't realised the significance during testing, was that the CTRL CLICK no longer works. Desirable to change the features to another way and thus allow CTRL CLICK.

Last updated : 10th Sep 2010 10:05 GMT
Decimal points in Displays

Review how to show decimals in Competitions and Personal Analysis

e.g. whether to show 1, 2 or no decimals and keep format for whole column.

Last updated : 7th Dec 2012 14:28 GMT
Download CSV
Provision to download csv files
Last updated : 13th Jan 2011 13:54 GMT
Download Deal file with Results
When selecting to download results, include the deal file as well.
Last updated : 23rd Jul 2010 09:26 GMT
Edit - Colour Picker
In Advanced editor, effectively only allows top row.
Last updated : 13th Dec 2012 10:50 GMT
Email Members
Provide a facility to bulk email members registered on the web site
Last updated : 22nd Oct 2007 10:33 GMT
Export/Import for the Calendar
Provide a means of importing/exporting the Calendar from a spreadsheet.
Last updated : 7th Oct 2010 08:10 GMT
Extend Logout Time Limit or Save Text
Sometimes if you get carried away entering text into the web site, you get diverted and click save and it times out and loses what you have entered. There needs to be a way of saving this Text.
Last updated : 26th Oct 2009 15:05 GMT
Extra Competition Minimum Criteria
An extra option for Minimum Events to be played which selects players who could achieve the minimum by the end of the competition. This can be used instead of "Pro Rata" and more suitable for best 8 out of 10 etc. where someone may only have played once in first 3 events but would still be able to qualify.
Last updated : 7th Sep 2009 09:27 GMT
Extra Option on Hand of Week.
  • Have a third option on the "Create Hand" page where one could display the hand at standard size without the bidding. Currently it's only possible to hide the bidding by using the small size.
  • Add text before the hand display. Perhaps this could be a second box on the page editor for text before the hand.
  • It would be even better if this box only appeared on the page editor after a hand had been added.
Last updated : 10th Dec 2012 14:47 GMT
For Members Only Result - Allow Latest
If Results restricted - provide option to allow latest to be visible or previous n
Last updated : 9th Jan 2012 08:48 GMT
Form Amendment
Provide a method of making (small) amendments to the entered Form data now it is viewable on the web.
Last updated : 2nd Aug 2011 11:27 GMT
Forms Special Characters
Allow special characters in Form field names, e.g. ' and &
Last updated : 28th Oct 2010 14:18 GMT
Guide in Kindle or Other Mobile Format
Hand file Download (Complete)
Provide an option to download the deal file, ideally converting format at the same time.
Last updated : 24th Jan 2012 10:31 GMT
Hand File
Provide more features such as the BBO hand viewer.
Last updated : 31st Aug 2011 11:18 GMT
Hand of the Week

Provide further options for layout of Hand of the Week

e.g. Precursor narrative
Partial Hands
More bridge magazine style

Last updated : 1st Sep 2011 09:44 GMT
Hand PDF - Access prior to Results
Provide an option for Admin to use the dynamic Hand PDF feature to print out from Admin
Last updated : 8th Nov 2012 14:59 GMT
Hand PDF - Statistics
Provide Hand Statistics on deal PDF
Last updated : 8th Nov 2012 14:58 GMT
Handicapped Events - Add Description
Scorebridge provides a Handicapped Description, can this be automatically transferred to bridgewebs.
Last updated : 9th Jul 2010 10:25 GMT
Highlight Cross References in Results
Provide more highlighting of cross references between Rank table, Scorecard and Traveller
Last updated : 31st Aug 2011 11:33 GMT
Identify all Pictures
In the [Picture] tab identify all pictures even if used in the body of a news item.
Last updated : 13th Feb 2012 09:45 GMT
Interclub Competition
Where 2 (or more) clubs use BridgeWebs with the same pre-dealt hands on a single day, provide a facility to calculate the results over these 2 (or more) clubs and present as a overall result. Then allow these results to go into an overall competition over several days.
Last updated : 12th Mar 2007 13:59 GMT
League Competition
Provide a League competition for clubs similar to the one in use for Counties.
Last updated : 15th Feb 2007 10:46 GMT
League Competitions option to show IMPs and VPs

Provide a facility to enter and show League IMPs as well as VPs

(County Only)

Last updated : 22nd Sep 2008 15:45 GMT
Limits on Results/Competitions

Provide options not to show low scores in Results, e.g. show 28% as 40% or **
and limit high/low scores in competitions.

Last updated : 11th Jul 2008 10:16 GMT
Link 2 Sections together
When 2 sections are played the second simply goes on as a new event. Would like the ability to link 2 sessions together in the sense of automatically including both in a competition and to show the same iinformation in the calendar.
Last updated : 19th Nov 2010 11:36 GMT
Make Personal Analysis private

Provide option to need login for "Personal Analysis"

Last updated : 15th Jun 2016 12:16 GMT

Allow shoice of Map or Satellite

Allow choice of Zoom Level.

Consider store locator type feature

Last updated : 15th Nov 2012 17:00 GMT
Members Only Documents
Membership Email Message - Save & Print
Provide an option to save a Bulk email message and print it.
Last updated : 20th Jan 2012 14:10 GMT
Membership Reporting
More Statistics
Provide an extension to the statistics to show more detail such as which pages and which results.
Last updated : 22nd Oct 2009 11:23 GMT
Muliple Sessions on Interclub
Provide ability to include multiple sessions/sections in interclub
Last updated : 24th Jun 2011 09:31 GMT
Navigating Travellers
Navigating within the travellers' page
Could we have say
Ctrl+x  Next Board
Ctrl+2 Board 2
and so forth
perhaps Alt Gr  1 for 11 and so on
Last updated : 14th Nov 2011 12:11 GMT
NGS Grading System
Provide option to use NGS Grading in Competitions.
Last updated : 13th Dec 2012 10:49 GMT
Option to Recover ACBL BWS fiule
Add option to Recover to allow recovery of ACBL file.
Last updated : 2nd Jan 2013 14:30 GMT
Page to Show Handicaps

Provide a page to just show the Rolling Handicaps in Current Handicap sequence.

Last updated : 18th Apr 2013 09:12 GMT
Partnership Requests Emailed

Whenever somone puts in a Partner Request, the system to send out an invitation to selected Members, i.e. Opt In to receive Partner Requests. 

Last updated : 15th May 2014 14:37 GMT
Prefill Form if Member Logged On
Prefill email and name if Member logged on
Last updated : 26th Aug 2011 09:38 GMT
Print a single Hand of the Week item
Where several "Hand of the Week" items are present on one page, provide an extra button to print just the one "item without using "Cut & Paste".
Last updated : 26th Oct 2009 15:25 GMT
Printing Results
Check for Colour Reversal e.g White on Blue and reverse for printing.
Last updated : 4th Nov 2010 16:00 GMT
Protected Email
Provide an option to hide emails from spammers but allowing actual viewers to get to the email as per committee.
Last updated : 12th Jul 2011 16:50 GMT
Provide a Club Forum/Blog

Including ability to comment on a Hand etc.

Some features as a Form, such as being able to enter without logging in.

"Suggest we need the following. Each hand needs to have its own set of msgs. The title of the thread should not be date of posting followed by user text, e.g. Date hand played plus Board no.. Then we will have a series of threads sequenced by date of posting, latest at top and members can easily find a specific hand from the title.

Last updated : 15th Jun 2016 12:12 GMT
Provide a feature to Register for a Game
Provide a feature to add a name to a list such as to play next week.
Last updated : 7th Feb 2011 10:26 GMT
Provide a further Password
Provide another Seconday password with different capability, particularly to update the Membership.
Last updated : 30th Jun 2011 09:20 GMT
Provide ability to Page Individual results
Allow a player to scroll back through all results.
Last updated : 21st Jan 2010 13:54 GMT
Provide an Expiry Date for News Items
Enter a date when a News item can be automatically be deleted.
Last updated : 7th Jun 2010 07:56 GMT
Provide Download button for pbn Hand file (Complete)
Provide easier facility to add links & pictures
Provide an easier way of adding links/picture within a bridgewebs site to text on other pages.
Last updated : 10th Jul 2008 11:00 GMT
Provide Export of Summary Results
Provide an export of the information used to make up the Personal Analysis
Last updated : 7th Dec 2012 14:32 GMT
Provide for EBU Blue Masterpoints
Starting 01 Jan 2013, the EBU is issuing Blue Master Points.
Last updated : 7th Dec 2012 15:21 GMT
Provide Hover type link for Travellers
Rather than clicking on Traveller provide a hover link to get details and Auction if provided
Last updated : 7th Dec 2012 15:22 GMT
Provide News Item Expiry Dates
Provide a date for a News item to be automatically removed (Set to Hold)
Last updated : 26th Aug 2011 09:58 GMT
Provide Options for all Member Only Tabs

Allow for optional Messages, Account and Download.

Also provide separate "password" only change.

Last updated : 26th Aug 2011 09:40 GMT
Provide Separate Buttons for Interclub
Instead of switching buttons betweek Club and Interclub, provide separate set of buttons e.g. IC Rank, IC Scores etc.
Last updated : 10th Jun 2011 13:21 GMT
Provide Separate Logoff for Members Pages
Recent Updates
Show any updated documents as well.
Last updated : 16th Jan 2012 11:34 GMT
Red/Green - User settings
Provide Admin options to specify colours/cut off points etc. for Scorecard coding.
Last updated : 23rd Jan 2012 16:18 GMT
Reminder Email to Host prior to Event

Send a reminder to the "Host" a few days before an event. 

Last updated : 21st Mar 2017 11:55 GMT
Results - Ability to Change the date
Provide a facility to change the date of an event, including renaming the files etc. rather than having to reupload it and delete the old event.
Last updated : 26th Oct 2009 15:26 GMT
Revise "List News Items"
Bring the "List News Items" list more in line with the menu.
Last updated : 14th Feb 2011 17:22 GMT
RSS Feed
Provide an RSS feed for a club
Last updated : 19th Jan 2012 13:11 GMT
Send Bulk email on Results Upload
Whenever the results are uploaded would like Bridgewebs to automatically send out an email to all participants.
Last updated : 5th Dec 2012 15:44 GMT
Send email Reminder to Hosts

Automatically send email Reminder to Hosts etc. the day before

Last updated : 15th Jun 2016 12:06 GMT
Send Email when Registering request for Partner
Enter a message and then request that an email be sent to all members.
Last updated : 12th Jul 2010 08:22 GMT
Show Best Lead as from Duplimate

<-- Best Opening Leads -->                                 
vs North  2N:  H-865                                       
vs South  2N:  H-KQ                                        
vs North  6S:  Any Card                                    
vs South  6S:  Any Card                                    
vs North  2H:  S-J75 H-865 D-93 C-A76                      
vs South  2H:  S-86 H-KQ D-QJ1072 C-1095                   
vs North  3D:  Any Card                                    
vs South  3D:  Any Card                                    
vs North  5C:  S-J75 H-J10865 D-93 C-76                    
vs South  5C:  Any Card            

Last updated : 17th Jun 2011 13:21 GMT
Show Extra Hand Analysis

Show total hcp, length pts, shortage pts, support points, controls, quick tricks and losers for each player in Hand display

Last updated : 1st Sep 2016 10:29 GMT
Show Optimum Opening Lead

Provide extra functionality to process "Optimum Opening Lead" analysis

Last updated : 4th Apr 2014 16:04 GMT
Theme option for Hand
Provide a "Theme" option for Hand to allow smaller font, possibly wrapping text round the hand etc.
Last updated : 26th Oct 2009 15:26 GMT
Traveller Buttons
Provide Previous as well as Next button on the Board/Travellers
Last updated : 12th Mar 2007 14:01 GMT
Travellers - Show Names (Complete)
When looking at the travellers, it would be helpful if hovering over the pair no would show the name.
Last updated : 19th Jan 2012 14:01 GMT
Could the left and right arrow be used to go through boards.
Last updated : 7th Feb 2011 10:21 GMT
Upload Matching Results if Title Present

Have a lesser option when automatically uploading events that if there is a title it matches, otherwise attaches to first event.

This should cater for clubs normally playing once a day.

Last updated : 24th Jan 2013 16:27 GMT
Upload Results - Send Email
It would be helpful for a larger club or one using several scorers to provide an email on upload and record the date and time uploaded.
Last updated : 9th Oct 2009 12:29 GMT
Use Memo notes from ACBL and show on top of Ranking
Visitor Counter
Provide a Visitor Counter from the Statistics that is collected.
Last updated : 29th Oct 2009 15:59 GMT
Web Site Analysis - Total Tables
A feature to give a cumulative count of tables played each evening to be used over a period set by the user
Last updated : 5th Nov 2010 12:37 GMT
Winners - Show on Results List

Automatically include the winners (possibly just 1st, both on 2 Winner) on Home Page Results box or results list

As if this had been typed into to comments

Last updated : 4th Sep 2014 12:44 GMT