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What is BridgeWebs?
BridgeWebs is a complete web service for Bridge Clubs

BridgeWebs is one giant web site shared between all the clubs registered with BridgeWebs. All the pages displayed are generated "Dynamically" from information held on the web site. This is unlike a conventional "Static" web site where all the pages are individually written and composed on a PC and periodically uploaded to a Web Hosting service. BridgeWebs is a complete service for Bridge Clubs, providing the programs, the disk space, backup, domain registration, and the web hosting itself. The entire web site is maintained online, thus can be viewed and updated by anyone with the appropriate authority over the internet anywhere in the world.

Each club uses a unique web address e.g. that they give to their members to see their own personalised web site as if it had been written specifically.

Programs specifically designed for Bridge Clubs

Many programs have been specifically designed for bridge clubs and county associations. The "Administration" programs automatically update the information on the web site as soon as the club secretary or anyone with the club password updates the results or any other information at any time. All the results, calendar and competitions are automatically kept up to date. The "Viewing" programs present the information in a way that is useful for bridge members.

The early version of this site was initially set up for a club in 2002, and expanded and been in use ever since. It has been found out what is and is not useful to members. Certainly the members have found it really useful and there is a lot of activity the day or two after a bridge night and people keeping up to date while on holiday.

Web Host and Databases
Web Host and Databases

With many clubs and counties using BridgeWebs and members "surfing" 365 days of the year, 24 hours of the day (yes, even Christmas Day when they have plugged their new computer in), a reliable commercial company is used to run BridgeWebs in a data centre in the UK.

This company actually host the site, provide the necessary disk space, computer power, regular backup and restore if necessary, and more importantly, a high-speed connection to the world wide web to support the downloading of the quite large number of pages that are surfed by the members each week. During peak times, over 2000 pages an hour, over half million pages a month, are downloaded across all the BridgeWebs sites, increasing daily as more clubs join and more and more people start using broadband.