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Beginner Classes from Mon 18 September 2023

Beginner Bridge lessons start on Monday 18 September at 7.15pm and Wednesday 20 September at 10.15am. Those who have previously played bridge and who are interested in starting to play again are very welcome.

Our teacher, John Stell, has played regularly in League matches and has been ranked in the top 20 in this country according to NGS Rankings. He has played with and against players that have represented England. Therefore you will have a very competent and experienced teacher.

Please pay forlessonseither by bank transfer or cheque.

For further details please contact:
John Stell (Teacher): 07939 122069

Lesson 1 - Minibridge - No Trumps (highest card wins)
Lesson 2 Minibridge Trumps
Lesson 3 Minibridge Trumps and No trumps mixed hands
Lesson 4 - Your first bid - Opening 1NT
Lesson 5 Declarer Play in No Trumps
Lesson 6 - Suit Bidding Limit Bids
Lesson 7 - Declarer Play in a Suit
Lesson 8 Opening Leads
Lesson 9 Change of Suit Forcing
Lesson 10 Strong Rebids
Lesson 11 - Stayman Convention
Lesson 12 Red Suit transfers
Lesson 13 No Trump Rebids
Lesson 14 Declarer play techniques + simple defence
Lesson 15 Simple Overcalls
Lesson 16 NT Overcalls
Lesson 17 Card Play Combinations
Lesson 18 Defender's play of cards
Lesson 19 - Bidding unbalanced hands including 4-4-4-1
Lesson 20 - Takeout Doubles
Lesson 21 - 2NT Opener
Lesson 22 - 2C Opener and responses
Lesson 23 - Slam Bidding Gerber/Blackwood
Lesson 24 - Weak 2 Openings
Lesson 25 - Pre-emptive Bidding
Lesson 26 - Defence against a Weak 2/Pre-emptive bids

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