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The Charity Summer pairs event on Tue 2 July has not been submitted to ECats.
Apologies but the wrong deal file was used.

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Standard Acol

The Board of Bury Athenaeum has agreed that when playing Standard Acol, the EBU teaching manuals, Book 1 (Red) and Book 2 (Green) together with Benjamised Acol (convention card), contain all the systems and conventions that can be used.

These include

Weak No Trump

4 card majors

Weakness Take Out



2 No Trump

Quantitative 4 No Trump

2 Club opening

Strong 2's

Weak 2's


Weak Jump Overcalls

3-level opening bids (pre-emptive)


Doubles - Take-out; responsive; competitive; protective; negative

Fourth Suit Forcing

Landy after opponents open 1NT

Splinter Bids

Reverse Bidding

Jump Shifts

Cue Bidding

Unusual NT

Signals - Attitude; Count; Suit Preference