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Entering BBO Tournaments

Event registration

Login to BBO at least 15 minutes beforehand to enter. It is possible to do this up to 2 hours beforehand providing your partner is also online, in which case you can both logout and return 15 minutes before the start. 

If you intend to play on a battery powered device, ensure that it is fully charged. You are advised not to play using a smartphone because of the small screen and mis-taps.


Find the tournament

  1. Login to BBO and check your BB$ balance. Top up if necessary using the BB$ button (top right next to your username) as shown in this videoDo not use an App on a smartphone or tablet because Apple and Google add a hefty surcharge to these transactions. Note that on a smartphone or tablet, the BB$ button is on the menu (3 horizontal lines). Payment is only taken once the tournament begins and you are playing.
  2. Select Competitive.
  3. Now select All Tournaments and a list of tournaments appears. 
  4. Above the column marked Entries you will see the word Search.
  5. Type BURY on the Search line.
  6. In the Title column, select the BURY tournament for the correct date and time.
  7. When prompted enter your partner's username and wait for your partner to accept your invitation (withdrawn after 20 seconds). If your partner has not yet logged in, just wait.  They will follow the same procedure and invite you. It is possible for one player to pay for both players. If you are unable to register then please send a private chat message to vEBU201941 immediately with both your usernames.  The TD will respond and try to fix any problems.
  8. If you do not have a partner, then add yourself to the Partnership Desk. Once other people appear in the Partnership  Desk list, please pair off. Watch this video to see how to use the Partnership Desk. It is possible for one player to pay for both players.    
  9. Your entry should be confirmed. Now just wait for the tournament to start automatically. Please pay attention to any announcements made by the TD. You can find out who you are playing against by selecting an opponent's username.
  10. It is possible to send a message to the TD using BBO Chat directed to the TD username vEBU201941.


Rounds are 7/8 minutes per board.  If you finish early how about having a chat with your opponents?  The reason we are running these duplicates for Athenaeum members is to encourage social interaction during this lockdown, so please take advantage of it.

Please remember to claim as early as practical which helps keep the tournament moving.  Opponents, please accept claims quickly if they are valid. Both opponents need to accept.

You are advised not to play using a smartphone because of the increased likelihood of errors in bidding and play by tapping the wrong button and delays through failing to notice or respond in a timely manner to alerts, explanation requests and chat messages.


Results appear shortly after all the tables have finished playing the last board and are also shown on the Athenaeum website. Adjustments may be made within 20 minutes of the end of the tournament.

Note that results are submitted to the EBU for Masterpoints and also for NGS adjustments.

Important points  

  1. Please ensure that your BBO profile includes your real name so that the TD and your opponents can see who you are. Click here for a video on how to update your BBO profile. It is etiquette and good practice to add a summary of your system to your profile at the very least. You ought to create a Convention Card (CC) too, which opponents can refer to via the menu button. A CC is automatically loaded when playing with your regular partner.
  2. You must self alert, i.e. you alert your own bids. This is a requirement of online bridge for ALL artificial bids up to 7NT. Your partner does NOT see your explanation, only your opponents. If you forget then an opponent may 'ask' in which case a yellow box pops up.  Please explain your bid and write a description which is appropriate and accurate. You also need to self alert your no trump range when you open 1NT or 2NT together with the strength of your natural two and three level bids. Click here for a video showing how to self alert on BBO.
  3. UNDO is permitted during the auction to allow you to correct a bid. This is classed as a 'mechanical error'. However, during the play UNDO is not generally permitted and is at the discretion of your opponents - so be careful when choosing a card. If you find that you sometimes choose the wrong card then consider turning on the playing option, 'Confirm cards' in BBO Settings.
  4. If you lose connection or the screen appears frozen, close the BBO website and re-open it. Login again and you will be reseated automatically. If the TD used a substitute player while you were offline then expect to be reseated once the current board is completed.