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Please note that as from 18th October 2021 the Monday Evening BBO session will revert to Standard Acol following feedback from members who play regularly in these sessions.

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Schedule of Events
Regular Events

Host System except on Saturdays and Sundays



Duplicate Pairs

1.15 pm


Standard Acol

7.15 pm


Standard Acol BBO

7.15 pm


Duplicate Pairs

7.15 pm


Assisted Play (Improvers)

10.15 am


Duplicate Pairs

1.15 pm


Standard Acol

7.15 pm


Duplicate Pairs

7.15 pm


Duplicate Pairs

10.15 am




Social Bridge Drive

7.15 pm - 1st of month (pairs only)


Social Bridge Teams

Saturday teams bridge will restart on 9th October 2021.

7.15 pm - 2nd and 4th of month (pairs only)





Please be at the table 10 minutes before starting time.




EBU Master Points are issued at all Duplicate Pairs evening sessions except Monday, at all afternoon sessions and at Friday morning sessions.

Table fees for members are £3 for Duplicate Pairs and £3.50 for Social bridge events  with non-members paying a £2 supplement. Club membership is £24 per annum, £20 if renewed before the end of January. After that membership is calculated at £2 per month for the remaining months of the year.

Refreshments are available free of charge during each session at the interval.

Each session usually runs for approximately 3 hours.

A membership application form can be found here.

Behaviour and Etiquette

You should be polite and courteous at all times. It is improper to use facial expressions or intonation to indicate to partner what you would like to do.

Use only the proper language of bridge and try to make all your bids at the same pace. You may have a bidding problem and you are permitted to take time to think, but do not take an eternity. Try to play your cards at a uniform pace. It is improper to play a singleton with undue emphasis. Do not hesitate with the intention of deceiving declarer.

You are not permitted to try to mislead your opponents by your manner, behaviour or remarks. It is considered impertinent and bad manners to give unsolicited advice to opponents or criticise your partner. Better to say too little rather than too much.

There are occasions when we wish to discuss hands we have just played with partner. It is rude to opponents to delay play of the following hand. It can and does convey information to players at other tables who have yet to play the hand. For the movement to run smoothly, there should be as little delay as possible between hands and when moving from one table to the next.

Please make the opening lead before entering the contract on the Bridgemate or personal scorecard. This permits dummy to go down allowing declarer and partner to plan the play as the contract and opening lead are being recorded. This avoids unnecessary delay and more time is available to play the hand.