Burwash Duplicate Bridge Club
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Want to play online Bridge? Go to Bridge Club Live

♥ Missing Bridge?  Try Bridge Club Live on line Bridge Club - for introductory £1 for 30 days.  ♥ TO ALL BRIDGE PLAYERS 

BridgeClubLive is adding ClubCentric facilities for players whose clubs are closed and wish to play online.

  • Until 31st March, club bridge players who wish to continue playing bridge can do so online at BridgeClubLive at a special introductory rate of just £1 for 30 days. 
  • Members can then continue playing as if in their club with their regular partner from the comfort of their own home.
  • The Main DIDO (DropinDropout) Tournament Room provides a fully approved automated movement to any partnership with a minimum commitment to 4 boards at each sitting and a minimum of 16 boards during each 1 day Session to be listed on the Leader Board. All boards played are fully archived, and can be replayed at any time and compared with all others who have played the same board.
  • As a CLUB FACILITY, a dedicated Ladder for each registered club will list the results for all those club members as a subset of the overall DIDO Tournament result. Each Club will have it's own single Web page with information, specific to that club and a list of players' ALIAS's who have registered online.
  • All the other regular tournament rooms including a social room are also available and additional features and improvements geared towards each club will be rolled out according to demand and feasability.
  • Burwash Bridge Club is registered with Brige Club Live.  
  • Members who wish to play bridge online go to http://bridge club 
  • On the home page is a black bar of drop down lists.  Find the Members list and click on Clubs. Find the Burwash Bridge Club and follow the instructions.  


  1. To benefit from the CLUB facilities, each club member, must be a full member of BCL. There are many incentives to join right now - only £1 for 30 days.
  2. Go to the "CLUBS" page which is visible from the Main Menu page of BCL under "Members->Clubs". There you will see your other club members listed by ALIAS
  3. Play at any time of day or night in the DIDO room, and see your results specific to your partnership and other club members on the "CLUB" page.







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