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18th Mar 2020 17:39 GMT
Want to play online Bridge? Go to Bridge Club Live
18th Mar 2020 17:33 GMT
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Want to play online Bridge? Go to Bridge Club Live

♥ Missing Bridge?  Try Bridge Club Live on line Bridge Club - for introductory £1 for 30 days.  ♥ TO ALL BRIDGE PLAYERS 

BridgeClubLive is adding ClubCentric facilities for players whose clubs are closed and wish to play online.

  • Until 31st March, club bridge players who wish to continue playing bridge can do so online at BridgeClubLive at a special introductory rate of just £1 for 30 days. 
  • Members can then continue playing as if in their club with their regular partner from the comfort of their own home.
  • The Main DIDO (DropinDropout) Tournament Room provides a fully approved automated movement to any partnership with a minimum commitment to 4 boards at each sitting and a minimum of 16 boards during each 1 day Session to be listed on the Leader Board. All boards played are fully archived, and can be replayed at any time and compared with all others who have played the same board.
  • As a CLUB FACILITY, a dedicated Ladder for each registered club will list the results for all those club members as a subset of the overall DIDO Tournament result. Each Club will have it's own single Web page with information, specific to that club and a list of players' ALIAS's who have registered online.
  • All the other regular tournament rooms including a social room are also available and additional features and improvements geared towards each club will be rolled out according to demand and feasability.
  • Burwash Bridge Club is registered with Brige Club Live.  
  • Members who wish to play bridge online go to http://bridge club 
  • On the home page is a black bar of drop down lists.  Find the Members list and click on Clubs. Find the Burwash Bridge Club and follow the instructions.  


  1. To benefit from the CLUB facilities, each club member, must be a full member of BCL. There are many incentives to join right now - only £1 for 30 days.
  2. Go to the "CLUBS" page which is visible from the Main Menu page of BCL under "Members->Clubs". There you will see your other club members listed by ALIAS
  3. Play at any time of day or night in the DIDO room, and see your results specific to your partnership and other club members on the "CLUB" page.







Welcome to Burwash Duplicate Bridge Club

Dear Members, following current Coronavirus government guidelines, it is with great regret that the Burwash Bridge Club Committee have taken the decision to suspend bridge sessions including the AGM planned for next Friday, 20th March, 2020 until further notice.

This decision has been not been taken lightly, but in order to safeguard the health and best interests of our members, you, our dear friends.

The difficult situation will be kept under constant review and we will inform you immediately when our sessions can resume and we will be back to normal.

We thank everyone who supports the club by helping, including those who set up and clear away, the washer uppers, the biscuit and refreshment purchasers, the directors and scorers, the auditor and those who have continued to support the club this year.  Our wonderful club has continued to be successful and table numbers have settled to between four and six tables on a regular basis.

We invite you all to keep in contact with us, even just for a chat - you have our telephone numbers. 

With much love for a healthy and short break. Jo, Anne, Lorraine, Lilla.  Xxxx 



We are a young at heart, very friendly bridge club which meets every Friday afternoon in the Parish room of Christ the King Catholic Church, High Street, Burwash. Our aim is to welcome all bridge players who would like to play in a friendly, enjoyable atmosphere which is slightly more competitive than playing at home.

Although a knowledge of the game is requested there is no requirement for previous experience at playing duplicate bridge and there is no requirement to come with a partner as we have hosts who will pair you up with another member. 

Please arrive at 1.45pm at the latest so that we can start promptly and to give us time for refreshments.


Why do People Play Bridge?

Why do people play bridge?

 'Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.  Anyone who keeps learning stays young.  The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.Henry Ford

''No matter where I go, I can always make new friends at the bridge table.'  Martina Navratilova

The health and wellbeing benefits of Bridge.  'Recent academic work has shown a link between mental activity and maintenance - or even improvements - in mental health and wellbeing. From research by Stirling University, in conjunction with the charity English Bridge Education and Development, found that playing bridge has a statistically significant positive effect on wellbeing. Other studies have found that activities such as playing bridge reduces the incidences of dementia.

♣ Bridge is also recognised as an important contributor to socialisation, with many people enjoying the 'community spirit' that exists within a bridge club.'  English Bridge Union

10th July 2020
Duplicate Bridge
The Wheel, Burwash Weald 1.45pm
Director: Patricia Evans
14th August 2020
Duplicate Bridge
The Wheel, Burwash Weald 1.45pm
Director: Patricia Evans
11th September 2020
Duplicate Bridge
The Wheel, Burwash Weald 1.45pm
Director: Patricia Evans
9th October 2020
Duplicate Bridge
The Wheel, Burwash Weald 1.45pm
Director: Patricia Evans
Duplicate Bridge
Director: Patricia Evans
Scorer: Dianne Steele
Duplicate Bridge
Director: Jim Benson
Scorer: James Savage
Duplicate Bridge
Director: Pat Elliot
Scorer: David Hilbourne